Questions You Should Ask Before Deciding on Stem Cell Therapy

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Patients may not see the desired results, but they can also experience positive outcomes beyond what they had hoped for. There is an increasing number of stem cell clinic in Delhi and experts emerging on the internet and in the media. The growth of this phenomenon has been surprisingly swift.

A stem cell transplant is a medical procedure used to replace blood cells that have been damaged or destroyed by cancer or chemotherapy treatment with healthy cells. The new cells are derived from stem cells, which are capable of becoming any type of cell in the body.

So, if you’re considering stem cell treatment, then you should know what type of questions to ask a stem cell expert. But before we dive into the list of questions, let’s understand some surprising characteristics of stem cells.  

Exploring the Fascinating Attributes of Stem Cells

The stem cells possess a natural anti-inflammatory quality which facilitates the natural healing of the affected area of the body.

  • The stem cells found in the body possess an anti-inflammatory property, allowing for a natural healing process to take place in the area that has been affected. This property helps to reduce inflammation and promote healing.
  • Umbilical cord blood is considered to be the most abundant source of stem cells, providing the greatest potential for therapeutic use.
  • Stem cells work 24*7 to repair, regenerate, and renew our cells, from blood cells to heart, bone, skin, muscles, and brain cells. They are always ready to help our bodies when repairs are needed.
  • Stem cells possess the remarkable potential to replace damaged cells in the body and thereby restore normal functioning. As an example, neurons (brain cells) can be replaced using stem cell therapies.
  • As people age, the number of stem cells in their bodies decreases. When a person is born, they are born with a large number of stem cells, but as they get older, this number gradually declines.

If you’re considering undergoing stem cell treatment for your condition, it will be great if your consult a specialist from a leading Stem Cell Therapy Centre in India such as Global Stem Cell Care India. They can provide you with the best-in-class treatment procedure using various latest technology.

Now let’s move to our main topic of discussion. You might be curious as to what can be the questions.

Eight Questions to Ask When Evaluating a Stem Cell Treatment

A consultation with a transplant doctor at GSCC is needed before proceeding with a stem cell transplant.

Listed are the questions you should ask experts to be more comfortable during the treatment process. 

  1. What Stem Cell Transplant Do You Recommend for Me?

Stem cell transplants can be divided into two types: autologous and allogeneic. Autologous transplants involve using the patient’s own cells, while allogeneic transplants use cells from a donor. Depending on the type of transplant, there may be certain requirements of the patient prior to the transfusion, as well as post-transplant recovery expectations.

  1. How many stem cell procedures have you performed?

The success rate of a surgical procedure can be directly tied to the experience of the surgeon performing it; the more experienced they are, the better the outcome and fewer potential complications. Generally, a surgeon is considered to be an expert in a certain procedure once they have performed it over two hundred times. Many clinics even advertise the total number of procedures they have completed, including platelet procedures.

  1. What is the Estimated Length of My Stay in the Hospital for stem cell therapy in Delhi NCR?

If you are having an autologous or allogeneic stem cell transplant, you can expect to be in the hospital for 3 or 4 weeks respectively. Your private room has been thoroughly cleaned and is equipped with a private bathroom, cupboard, closet, small refrigerator, telephone, and television. To protect the environment, the door to your room will remain closed.

  1. What is the Process for Harvesting Stem Cells at your Clinic?

The method chosen for collecting stem cells is very important and can have a significant impact on the success of the treatment. Bone marrow aspiration is a process used to retrieve stem cells from an individual’s bone marrow and requires expertise, whereas umbilical cord blood can be collected at birth using a needle and collecting bag.

  1. Is Stem Cell Therapy Safe?

When considering a stem cell procedure, it is important to discuss both the potential positive and negative effects that may occur during or after the procedure. These effects can vary depending on the severity of the disease or disorder, the age of the patient, the protocol adopted (number of cells, number of cycles, supported therapies, etc.), and the source of the stem cells.

  1. Does the Laboratory Have Sophisticated Equipment?

The level of sophistication of a laboratory can be indicative of the quality of care a medical facility provides. For example, a clinic with a cell therapy unit is likely to be better equipped than a regular doctor’s office and may possess the necessary tools to perform more comprehensive exams.

  1. Do Patients Experience Pain During or After Therapy?

If stem cells are being extracted from bone marrow, there may be some discomfort associated with the procedure; however, this can be alleviated with the use of local anaesthesia, making the extraction of stem cells a non-surgical, relatively painless process.

  1. Is Stem Cell Treatment Right for Me?

No two patients are exactly alike, and therefore the same procedure may not be the best fit for everyone. It is important to have an honest conversation with your doctor about whether a stem cell treatment in India is a good option for your specific condition. 

To Conclude

By posing these questions, you can gain insight into the level of assurance your practitioner has and determine if something is off-course from the plan.

This blog strives to give you the resources to make informed decisions and secure the best outcome for yourself. It is our hope that this post will enable you to gain greater clarity on your upcoming treatment, leading to a successful outcome.

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