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Everyone knows that Vision loss welcomes dozens of causes but people hardly know that it is sometimes caused by the condition called Optic nerve atrophy. But worry no longer when you are familiar with the best stem cell center for optic nerve atrophy.

Before we highlight the name of the best hospital/center for your treatment, let’s dive deeper to know about Optic nerve and how stem cell therapy is a reliable option for this. 

Overview of Optic Atrophy

In simple words, it is a condition that will affect your optic nerve as it carries impulses from the eye to the brain.

Is it a disease? No, but it can show you a sign of a serious condition. The result of this condition is damaging the optic nerve from various kinds of pathologies. Not only it will create a vision problem but also you can face the situation of blindness.                            

                              Several Factors Related to Optic Nerve Atrophy

Countless factors are there, but let us show you some of the most essential to note down. Here we go-

  • Trauma
  • Glaucoma
  • Optic Neuritis
  • Hereditary or Genetic Factors


Sports athletes face physical injury to the head or eye and the result would be damage to the nerve fibres. Also, it impairs the ability to transmit visual signals. So, the first factor is Trauma.


Did you know about Glaucoma? No? Let us inform you here that it is a group of eye diseases that are characterized by increased intraocular pressure. The result would be similar just like in Trauma. It can damage the optic nerve and you can face the situation of vision loss.

 Optic Neuritis

Well, the third factor is an inflammation of your optic nerve. A person can face the situation of vision loss of one eye or can both. If you go with early diagnosis and treatment then it will help you to improve your outcomes. Consult with the best stem cell therapy hospital India if you notice sudden changes in your vision. Below is the list of infections that can cause optic neuritis-

  • Syphilis
  • Tuberculosis
  • West Nile virus
  • Meningitis
  • Shingles
  • Measles

Let us unpack the list of ON Symptoms:

  • Vision loss in one or both eyes
  • Pain around your eye
  • Dyschromatopsia or finding difficulty seeing colours
  • Pupil reacts changes in bright light

Basically, the chance of developing this inflammation is between 20-40 years old or else having a diagnosis of MS. When consulting a professional doctor, he/she will recommend you three imaging tests and that is-

  • CT Scan
  • MRI Scan
  • Optical coherence tomography

Hereditary or Genetic Factors

If you or any of your family member is suffering from a genetic disorder then they might face the effect on the development and function of the optic nerve. The chances are very high to face the problem of optic nerve atrophy and vision problem.                 

                                  What is Stem Cell Therapy and How It Will Help You?

You need to fret no longer when you go for stem cell treatment for optic nerve atrophy in India. Let’s shed some light on the definition of Stem cell therapy-

It is one of the smart and fast-developing areas of medicine that aid doctors in achieving brilliant results in the treatment of diseases of the nervous system. The key roles of cell therapy are-

  • Replacing dead neurons
  • Improving immune system function
  • Improving tissue tropism

Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy

  1. It will help you to repair the tissue structure of the visual analyser
  2. Beneficial for New blood vessels formation
  3. Raise circulation in the vessels of the retina and optic nerve

We will now learn some of the best ways in which Stem cell therapy is the ultimate solution for optic nerve atrophy.

 First is Anti-inflammatory effects: How good is it when you get to know that stem cell therapy is exceptional because of having anti-inflammatory? It is actually true! One of the reasons why stem cells are renowned is it guarantees to reduce inflammation in the optic nerve through anti-inflammatory properties. Not only does it end here but cell therapy helps in reducing tissue damage and can promote healing.

 Second is Neurotrophic Support: Is it mandatory? Yes, it is because it supports the survival and growth of nerve cells. The crucial role of stem cell therapy here begins by releasing neurotrophic factors. Such cells no doubt can nourish optic nerve cells. It is also beneficial to promote their regeneration.

 Third is Functional Recovery: Patients suffering from visual problems can now take a big relief. How? Introducing Stem cell therapy that promises functional improvement in the visual field, visual acuity, contrast sensitivity, and so on. Patients might be suffering from other visual parameters, but the only optimal solution for the patient is stem cell therapy.

 Fourth is Minus the Scar Tissue: We have a great solution to reduce the scar tissue in the optic nerve. Let us inform you that stem cell therapy is an underrated solution which can help in minimising it and can also impede nerve regeneration. To reduce its formation, only cell therapy is excellent.

 Fifth is Angiogenesis Stimulation: It is easy to promote the formation of new blood vessels. Here again, cell therapy can enable you in increasing blood flow including oxygen supply to the optic nerve. It would be easier to facilitate regeneration through this.

 Putting it all together:

After getting all the info about the optic nerve and its solutions like cell therapy, you may be looking for the best hospital for your treatment. You can get in touch with the doctors of “Global Stem Cell Care” who can help you with optic nerve atrophy stem cell treatment in Delhi. We believe every patient should land at the best center where doctors are well-experienced and can provide personalized care to patients. We should be your top priority for stem cell therapy.

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