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    Mesenchymal Stem Cell Protocol

    Autoimmune / Degenerative Conditions

    As required cord tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells

    Stem cell activation pre-treatment therapies. (musculoskeletal & neurological assessment)

    Pre-treatment IV vitamin therapy + detox regime

    2 month supply of stem cell activation supplements


    Intelligent AGING CELL THERAPY

    For Chronic Inflammation

    Simple, reliable pricing

    Our mission is to make stem cell therapy accessible

    Payment Methods
    The mode of payment will be cash /account transfer / Credit Card / Debit Card (as per tax actual).
    For confirmation of the treatment, you have to deposit 10 % of the full amount (as confirmation amount) through account transfer.
    The remaining amount will be paid at the time of admission to the hospital.
    Debit & Credit Cards
    The price of all the cards are the same, we accept Visa & Master card and accept all debit cards.
    Bank/Wire Transfer
    We accept global payment through quick and safe method of payment.
    Important details to note
    Below we have defined the costs which are not covered in the conventional treatment price. These costs are vital for the final approval and should be completed before scheduling treatment. We are fortunate to provide logistical support throughout the entire onboarding process.
    Pre-treatment labs
    Numerous lab tests are to be completed and returned before the final treatment clearance can be acquired. You can order the tests through your home physicians as well and these tests won’t be included in the price of the treatment. They can be covered through the health insurance program. A lab requisition can be offered if you want to complete the labs with our partner laboratory
    Can you help me to obtain the required lab work?
    Yes, we can! We have collaboration with multiple labs across India that our patients may use to complete the pre-treatment lab work.
    Are Flights Included?
    We provide logistical support throughout the entire process. However, flights are not included in the base treatment cost.
    Do you provide a Refund?
    Yes, your deposit would be refunded one month before the treatment date.
    Do you offer any discount?
    Yes, we do. Our clinic offers an exclusive discount to the patients for the therapy.
    Is accommodation included?
    We are fortunate to help those who stay, however, accommodation is not included in the base treatment cost.
    How much do the pre-treatment costs?
    The lab part of the pre-treatment panel can be completed through our partner. It can be used in the final treatment cost. Contact our patient management team to start with the process.

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