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    Terms & Conditions

    The website of Global Stem Cell is designed to provide the correct information only, and the use of its content is subject to the following terms & Conditions. While browsing this website, you are bounded to agree with each point mentioned in it. These terms & Conditions apply to the use of users of this website.

    Treatment Disclaimer

    It is essential for any patient to understand that results for stem cell therapy may vary from one person to another even the patient is undergoing a similar diagnosis. So, we don’t assure any patient of a successful stem cell treatment, our experts can only recommend any other solution or an alternate stem cell transplantation if needed after reviewing the previous reports or the patient’s current wellness situation.

    Global Stem Cell Care is a stem cell therapy centre in New Delhi that has a team of skilled and experienced therapists and other medical staff who are committed to perform the best stem cell therapy at a reasonable rate. However, patients coming to our centre should also understand that stem cell treatment is an experimental therapy with no approval, and we also don’t use embryonic or fetal cells in any of the treatments.

    Content Rights

    The content of Global Stem Cell’s website is copyrighted, no one else has an authority to make changes in it except our team members or copy contents from the website without written permission of Global Stem Cell. Any unapproved use of our website will be punishable and can come under a criminal offense.

    Our website may also include several links to other websites in the content so that you can get further details. Although, we are not responsible for any content of the linked website(s) so, you are also not allowed to create a link to this website from another website or document without having any prior written permission from Global Stem Cell.

    At Global Stem Cell, we always try to put complete and accurate information on our website still, we will suggest you check the authenticity and accuracy of all the information given on the website before relying on it and keep yourself updated by visiting our page regularly.

    Patient Rights

    At Global Stem Cell, we always want our patients to participate in their treatment procedures actively by communicating with our experts and asking questions related to the procedure.

    Our team is always ready to support each patient and understand the value of the rights and responsibilities of patients that are mentioned below:

    • You have the right to have complete knowledge of everything related to your treatment before undergoing it. 
    • During treatment, you have the privilege to get proper care and have your cultural beliefs respected.
    • You also have the right to know about your illness properly and choose your expert accordingly.
    • Before you get admitted for your treatment, you have the right to give all information to your family or friend. 
    • We also believe in not to disclose any information of yours to others and protect your privacy to the maximum.
    • You have the privilege to get the best healthcare services and at Global Stem Cell, we are honored to offer you high-quality services at an affordable price.
    • To get a quick solution to grievances is also your right.
    • Being a patient, it is your responsibility to help your experts with the correct information about your health and post medication.

    Privacy Policy

    Privacy policy gives you a clear idea about any company and at Global Stem Cell, our priority is to protect your information that you feed on a registration form. All the fed details of yours will be secured so, you don’t need to worry about anything. And, in case you don’t feel comfortable sharing your details with us on our website, you won’t be able to take advantage of all the other features. Our main aim is to serve you with better healthcare facilities so, please go through the column of Privacy Policy on our website.

    Warranty & Limitations of Liability

    The details or information mentioned on this webpage is provided with no assurance. Global Stem Cell is focused to give the best quality healthcare services with no stress but, we don’t give any warranties on the therapy or the other facilities.

    Security and Liability

    Global Stem Cell has taken a few measures to secure all details given by the patients against illegal accessibility and use. We try to protect the control of this website within the restriction of sources and current Internet technology. Although we have used high security to keep your data safe and secured, you might also be aware of the fact of how third-party events acquire access to a website illegally. And, for this, we don’t take any responsibility, it’s completely your choice if you want to publish your details on our website or not.

    Cancellation & Refund Policy

    The main goal of Global Stem Cell is to help you with the best stem cell treatment for earlier recovery. And, if you have registered for our website and want to cancel it due to any reason after paying us the whole amount for treatment in advance, we will refund you the amount that remains to us after making deductions for expenses caused to us. The remaining amount will be refunded to the patient within 7 days from the date of initiation of request.

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