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    How can stem cells help to treat optic nerve issues?
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    How can stem cells help to treat optic nerve issues?


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    The events that we organize can certainly take your on an insightful tour of stem cell treatments in India and the wonders they can do to your health.

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    Are you eager to know how GlobalStemCellCare works? Let’s check out the following flow chart that gives the details about the workflow of it.

    Patient Reviews

    A huge reduction in the frequency and severity of cramps in her legs.

    The major change was seen in the control of his mouth and drooling improved significantly.

    Able to use the stairs without the help of the handrail.

    Therapy protocol

    We currently offer the latest culturally expanded cord tissue-derived,
    mesenchymal stem cell therapy, which is administered
    systemically via Intravenous Injection (IV)
    What is included with treatment :

    Physician Networks

    Establishing collaboration between our clinic & independent physicians to provide the best quality augmented mesenchymal stem cell therapy, as well as perceptive pre and post-treatment care to patients.

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