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    A huge reduction in the frequency and severity of cramps in her legs.

    The major change was seen in the control of his mouth and drooling improved significantly.

    Able to use the stairs without the help of the handrail.

    Balance improved and the convulsions reduced.

    Improvements in shoulder muscle & improvement in stamina.

    Walking and gait has improved. Falling has reduced.

    Able to stand in the shower without a support for an extended time.

    First time—•100 % bladder control was achieved. Second time in 2012 — BP became normal and stopped taking his BP medication that he was taking since 1998.

    First treatment—•vision improved considerably and could raise right arm completely. Second treatment—•no significant changes were seen.

    Increase in muscle strength.

    Convulsive tremors ceased. Gained some bladder control.

    Improvements in balance and speech.

    Balance and mobility improved. Gave up cane for walking.

    Improvements in speech and balance.

    Improvements bilaterally in visual acuity, visual field and VEP in posttreatment eye exam.

    Speech improved and started to utter single words.

    Seizures had stopped and speech became better

    Balance improved and climbed stairs without assistance.

    Able to dress himself and comb his hair.

    Behavioural, language and social skills improved. Speech becam

    Temper tantrums significantly reduced.

    Muscle strength improved.

    Balance improved and increased sensation in the legs

    Balance improved and climbed stairs unaided.

    Improvements in awareness, responsiveness and sensory stimuli.

    Sensation improved.

    Mobility and coordination improved considerably

    Balance and trunk strength improved.

    Overall muscle strength improved.

    Heart’s ejection fraction improved from 20% to 50%.

    Able to get out of the wheelchair unaided.

    Balance improved while sitting.

    Speech and cognitive skills improved.

    Tremors in the hands disappeared. Able to get out of the wheelchair unaided.

    Choking during meals reduced.

    Balance improved while sitting. Improvements in reading.

    Dramatic increase in appetite.

    Increased balance and trunk strength.

    Regained consciousness.

    Breathing improved; swallowing improved with less hiccup episodes.

    Able to walk at normal pace for a few km.

    Able to perceive light sources

    Able to speak in complete sentences more than ten words.

    Episodes of stumbling after waking disappeared.

    Spasticity disappeared and his grip returned.

    Spasticity disappeared and his grip returned.

    Gained partial independence in her daily activities.

    Better balance, no double vision and improved sensation on her right side of the face.

    Stopped choking while drinking and the gastric emptying problem had improved and could eat food more than just mushy consistency

    Walking improved considerably

    Tension reduced in facial muscles. Strength in his legs increased.

    Able to extend his limbs fully.

    There were some amazing improvements observed after the treatment and the patient was able to walk better.

    Vivid increase in appetite and motor abilities also improved to a great extent

    Tremors in the legs decreased with time and there was better stability in the legs.

    Balance improved significantly and there was increased sensation in legs was seen.

    Vision was improved significantly and the patient was able to see things in a better way

    Balance of the body improved and is now able to walk properly without any support.

    Was able to see objects at a distance in a better way after the treatment. Eyesight also improved.

    Increased muscle strength was seen. The patient was able to sit and stand for long after the treatment.

    Speech became clear and socially more affable. Balance and mobility also improved.

    Balance improved a lot while sitting. The patient is able to walk and stand in a much stable way.

    Was able to use the staircase after a long time of 4 years. Pain in the knees also subsided.

    Was able to survive without kidney transplant successfully.

    Breathing and swallowing function improved greatly.

    Able to stand up, bend down and touch the floor with ease and smoothness

    After treatment, the patient was able to walk at normal pace up to few kms.

    Much better results of improvement in awareness, responsiveness and sensations.

    General muscle strength improved and considerable betterment in mobility and coordination.

    Heart’s ejection reaction improved a lot. Was able to live a healthier life after the treatment.

    Blood glucose levels were brought under control and foot ulcer also got cured.

    Able to stand up, bend over and touch the floor for the first time in 3 years

    Is now able to use the staircase without the need for handrail. Walking and gait has become much better.

    The patient was able to get rid of wrinkles and the skin became supple and younger than before.

    Enhancements in awareness, responsiveness and Better sensory stimulation.

    Improved bilaterally in vision sharpness, visual field and is able to see far off things better now.

    The patient’s condition improved with regenerative medicine and physiotherapy both combined.

    Patient recovered from the disease in a short span of time and is now living a better life

    Day & night vision became better with improved vision for objects & light

    After the treatment, visual field test results were better. Field of view and night vision also improved.

    Was able to see and detect light better and the eyesight improved a lot.

    The patient’s liver function improved and is able to eat food in a better way

    Walking was improved to a great extent. Patient was able to balance himself better.

    Muscle strength improved. Able to live a better and healthier life than before.

    100 % bladder control was there and patient’s sugar levels were under control.

    Balance and feet strength improved. Was able to get out of wheelchair unaided.

    Speech and cognitive abilities improved. Balance amended while sitting.

    Shakes in the hands gone. Able to get out of the wheelchair.

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