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    A 51-year-old lady who had been experiencing progressive weakening in all four of her limbs, starting with her left upper limb, came in for therapy. Its been two years since my fluency has been affected. She has not been able to move, swallow, or communicate for four months. After 12 months, the left hand begins to shrink or lose its strength. Ayurvedic medicine was a part of her therapy. A visit to Safdarjung hospital was also made. Things are looking better now thanks to stem cell therapy.

    I was diagnosed with RP 15 years ago. My vision started to deteriorate with time. Allopathy to homeopathy I tried every possible way to treat this condition. When I came across stem cell therapy I saw a ray of hope. I connected with the concerned facility and started my treatment. I have witnessed improvement and hope to view the same in future.

    The experience was pleasant, the medical facility is equipped well. All the timelines were met as promised by the medical team. I’m satisfied with the overall experience. Thanks to Global Stem Cell Care Team

    After battling with type 2 diabetes for 12 years, Anwar underwent stem cell therapy with GSCC in India. He experienced dramatic improvements after the therapy like complete stoppage in the progression of diabetes type 2, regeneration of damaged beta cells, etc.

    George was suffering from type 2 diabetes for the preceding 10 years but with prescription drugs and strict diet. It wasn’t getting healed. He then tried stem cell therapy with GSCC in India. They gave some series of stem cell dosage and after around 30 days, he tested blood sugar level and test outcomes astonished him as there was decrease in Hb1Ac level.

    Moorie recommends Global Stem Cell Care for the stem cell therapy In India for the various disease treatments. She is thankful for the team of GSCC to cure her type 2 diabetes successfully and in a safe manner.

    Mrs. Sharpova contacted GSCC for her stem cell therapy for Diabetes type 2. She had a very
    good experience from the cordiality provided by the GSCC team for her Treatment. From
    airport pickup to the hospital stay to the hotel room, everything was well-organized and the
    communication is fantastic.

    After undergoing stem cell treatment for types 2 diabetes with GSCC, Gokul experienced enhanced blood glucose level, better control on hunger and thirst, no requirement of regular Insulin injection, reffned quality of life, improved lifestyle, etc.

    The last thing Mariam expected was to be detected with Type 1 diabetes. She exercised, ate well and kept her weight closely controlled. Then, she decided to undergo stem cell treatment with GSCC in India; she is very satisfied with the treatment and is living a better life now.

    Mr. Bawa is very happy that he could get help from Global Stem Cell Care, which offered him
    stem cell treatment and cured his Type 1 diabetes concern. The treatment that was offered
    to him was a combinational approach touching all the aspects of diabetes related obstacles.

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