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    Stem Cell No Tumor Risk

    Does the probability of developing a tumor increases through Mesenchymal Stem Cells?
    There are many misconceptions about the treatment using Mesenchymal Stem Cells, due to which there are many patients who do not want to take this type of treatment. The main question that arises is that through Mesenchymal Stem Cells, the risk increases of developing dangerous tumors.

    In many patients, there is this qualm about this treatment method. Global Stem Cell Care promises the patients that they only deliver cancer risk-free treatment procedures, and the stem cells used in the treatment of patients do not increase the risk of developing cancerous tumors.

    We will clear all your doubts about if stem cells can cause tumor development in the body. In the case of embryonic stem cell treatment, there is a high risk of developing a cancer-causing tumor. Also, embryonic stem cell treatment is banned in many countries, and we do not use it for treating our patients.

    The treatment procedures followed at Global Stem Cell Care are in accordance with the scientific discoveries. We guarantee our patients that they are not at the risk of developing tumors through our treatment procedures through our stem cell treatments.

    The tendency of stem cells is that they are mature cells, and they don’t have the property to multiply outside the body. These stem cells get located back just after the step of purification. Global Stem Cell Care has a policy that they do not treat patients that are suffering from tumors.

    The stem cells that are used in the treatment process at Global Stem Cell Care are adult stem cells, which are safe to use compared to embryonic cells. Global Stem Cell Care follows every precaution through which they can effectively decrease the risk of developing cancer through stem cell treatment.

    • 1. It has been proven that Mesenchymal Stem Cell treatment does not lead to the development of tumors in the patient, except that the patient was already suffering from a tumor or cancer development before starting the treatment process
    • 2. The Adult Mesenchymal Stem Cells does not increase the risk of the tumor in the patient
    • 3. There are no signs seen of higher tumor development to existing over the last 40 years in the therapy of leukemia and lymphoma, which also encompasses the use of adult stem cells.
    • 4. The conduct of adult stem cells depends to a great extent on their surroundings. There is no proof to date that adult stem cells endorse tumor formation in the human body. There is one exception. The addition of adult stem cells can support the growth of a prevailing tumor, and tissue that is impaired by radioactivity can stabilize into cancerous tissue after the inoculation of adult stem cells.
    • 5. Adult stem cells only tend to form cancerous stem cells if they are permissible to reproduce in a culture dish over a drawn-out period of time since the likelihood of genetic defect clusters upsurges in proportion to the number of cell divisions.
    • 6. In a pre-clinical tumorigenicity study in mice, no augmented risk was found.

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