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    Muscular Dystrophy - Treatment with Global Stem Cell Care

    Muscular dystrophy is an inherited muscular disease. Particularly in this condition, the muscle fibers get damaged, and this condition is a progressive one.

    In this condition, the muscles get weak, and there is also a loss of muscle mass. The main cause of this condition is abnormal genes that cause muscle degeneration.

    Right from childhood, this condition starts to form, and from then on, the muscles continue to get weaker and weaker. In the extreme conditions of this disease, the patient’s muscle might get so damaged that a wheelchair will be required for movement.

    Stem Cell Muscular Dystrophy Treatment in Delhi

    Do you know about Muscular Dystrophy

    Muscle dystrophy is one of the major inherited diseases in which the muscles tend to become weak over time. Particularly, in this condition, the muscles become weak, and even the muscles of the heart and other organs become weak.

    The different types of muscular dystrophy are Myotonic, Duchenne, Becker, Limb-girdle, Facioscapulohumeral, Congenital, Oculopharyngeal, Distal, and Emery-Dreifuss.

    The major effect of this condition is on the muscles, and it is an inherited genetic mistake that does not allow developing a protein in the body that plays an important role in building muscle strength.

    The children who are born with this condition do not show any symptoms in the first few years of life, but then suddenly the symptoms such as walking problems, difficulty in raising the foot, and falling might show up.

    The condition in the children becomes more prominent, and the muscles continue to become weak. They might also lose the ability to sit, walk, or to lift objects. The serious effect of this condition might show up n the muscles of the heart and other organs, which might cause breathing problems. In all the different muscular dystrophy, the weakness of muscles is common. Through the treatment of stem cell therapy by Global Stem Cell Care, it is possible to treat this condition.

    Symptoms of Muscular Dystrophy

    The condition of muscular dystrophy is the weakness in the muscles, which is caused due to the genes of a person. It is vital to the symptoms of this condition so that they can be identified at the earliest and proper treatment can be started to stop the degeneration of the muscles.

    The following are the symptoms of Muscular Dystrophy:

    • Problem in standing, lying down, sitting, breathing, walking, and falling
    • Weakness of muscles in hips and legs
    • Suffering from breathing problems, learning problems, and behavior problems
    • Child walking on toes and frequent falls


    Global Stem Cell Care provides an accurate diagnosis of muscular dystrophy. The doctors ensure that proper examination is done of the patient so that the treatment can be done effectively. The main focus of the doctors is on the family medical history, test reports, and physical exam.

    The following are the tests that are performed by the doctors for the diagnosis:

    1. A muscle biopsy (the removal and examination of a small sample of muscle tissue)
    2. DNA (genetic) testing
    3. Electromyography or nerve conduction tests (which uses electrodes to test muscle and/or nerve function)
    4. Blood enzyme tests (to look for the presence of creatine
    5. Kinase, which reveals deterioration of muscle fibers)
    • The main stage of the treatment of Muscular Dystrophy is the implantation stage in which the stem cells are implanted into the patients. After the successful implantation of the stem cells, the regeneration process begins in the body that helps to provide relief to the patient.
    • The Mesenchymal Stem Cells are used for the stem cell treatment of muscular dystrophy.
    • The stem cells are implanted in the body of the patient through the method of infusion that is chosen by the doctor. After the implantation process, the doctors make sure that the patients get the after care and medical support.


    The following is the structure that is followed during the implantation stage:


    Stem cell treatment for Muscular Dystrophy is done by Mesenchymal Stem Cells. Through these stem cells, defective gene correction is done, and also muscle regeneration takes place in the body.

    Muscular Dystrophy

    Get Stem Cell Treatment for Muscular Dystrophy

    1. For Muscular Dystrophy, the treatment of Stem Cell Therapy has proven to be really effective and successful.
    2. Stem Cell Therapy is very promising for treating Muscular Dystrophy as Stem Cells have specific immunologic properties that help to treat this condition. It is not only a safe treatment methodology, but it is very effective.
    3. The stem cells help to repair the neural tissues that are affected by the patient. The treatment also helps in cell differentiation, tissue repair, and inflammation gets reduced.

    How Global Stem Cell Care Therapy Works ?

    The working of stem cell therapy for Muscular Dystrophy is vital to understand as many people are not aware of how effective

    stem cell therapy can be to stop this condition from deteriorating. Through stem cell treatment, the condition of the patient gets improved as the transplanted

    stem cells have myogenic potential. By this treatment, stem cells help to repair and regenerate the muscle fibers that have been damaged.

    For the treatment of this condition, the stem cells used are Mesenchymal Stem Cells that work to repair and renew

    the nerve cells that help improve the symptoms.

    VIP Treatment to Patients at Global Stem Cell Care

    • The therapy sessions given to the patients at Global Stem Cell Care occur in the VIP treatment room in the advanced clinic.
    • 24*7 supervision is maintained on the patients by the efficient medical team.
    • Global Stem Cell Care highly recommends the patients stay for a minimum of 3 days in Hospital.

    Global Stem Cell care Treatment Procedure

    The treatments that take place in Global Stem Cell Care are of 3 days. The treatment protocol is safe and non-invasive. The patients can travel the next day. The following is the day-wise schedule for the patients.

    • Pick up from the Airport to the Hospital
    • Interaction between Dr and Patient, to clear all their doubts at that time
    • Admission procedure
    • Clinical examination & Lab test will be done prescribed by the doctor
    • Supportive Therapy
    • Stem cell Procedure
    • Supportive therapies
    • Physiotherapy
    • Supportive Therapy
    • Physiotherapy
    • Discharging formalities
    • Drop back to the Airport
    • For Admission, carry the identity card (Passport/ Pan Card / Driving License)
    • Carry the hard copy of Patient reports

    What to Expect from Stem Cell Treatment for Muscular Dystrophy?

    • The stem cell treatment for Muscular Dystrophy really helps the patients to recover from this condition. The treatment procedures provided by Global Stem Cell Treatment have no side effects, and they provide healing and positive results to the patients.

    • The best of medical facilities and treatment is given to Global Stem Cell Care patients. The majority of the patients show remarkable improvements in their condition.

    • For more than ten years, Global Stem Cell Care has been healing patients and increasing their quality of life.

    • In various patients, the effects of the treatment vary due to different biological factors. The Global Stem Cell Care patients get the quality services as there is a protocol that is followed by the team of Global Stem Cell Care that includes testing for the inflammation developing factors before the treatment commences.

    • The testing is done during the treatment also. Research is being done on the efficacy of Allogeneic Stem Cell Therapy, and for that, the data is required for future prognosis to know the treatment after-effects on the patient.

    • Increased muscle mass and muscle strength
    • Improved balance in body and reduction in stiffness of muscles
    • Range of movement gets increased and less tremor in the body

    Possible Improvements

    Global Stem Cell Care provides the best stem cell therapy for muscular dystrophy. This treatment provides a healing process and growth in the muscles of the patient. There are many improvements that take place in the body of the patient.

    The following are the improvements that take place in the body of the patient:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, muscular dystrophy is an inherited disorder.

    Yes, stem cell treatment helps to treat muscular dystrophy as it helps to build up muscle strength.

    The stem cells that are used for the treatment of Muscular Dystrophy is allogeneic Mesenchymal stem cells, funiculus blood-derived stem cells, autologous bone marrow, and fat-derived stem cells.

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