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    Discovering the Power of Stem Cells for Speedy Recovery

    We, at Global Stem Cell Care, are committed to offering the latest Stem Cell therapy, which is operated systemically through Intravenous Injection (IV).

    Stem Cell Therapy Protocol

    We give stem cell according to patient requirement

    We use stem cells in a different modes of injection according to patient’s condition

    IV Vitamin Therapy

    This therapy is used to check whether the body is hydrated and fully prepared for stem cell treatment or not.

    Detox Regime

    You will get assistance for the pre-treatment detox regime so that your body could get prepared for maximum stem cell activation.

    Stem Cell Activation Therapies

    For optimal stem cell activation, a musculoskeletal assessment is done which is followed by acupuncture, physiotherapy, and chiropractic treatment.

    Cell activation supplements

    For quick recovery, our therapists will suggest you take natural supplements like Nutravivo supplements for two months.

    Type of Stem Cells Administered

    Global Stem Cell Care uses bone marrow stem cell therapy. Till now, we have operated on numerous cells which are tested before treatment for better results.

    Advantages of Mesenchymal stem cells:
    • It reduces inflammation.
    • It regulates the immune system.
    • It also encourages tissue regeneration.

    2-Day Non-invasive Treatment

    Patients undergoing stem cell therapy are advised to stay for a minimum of 3 days from the day of treatment. We have hygienic rooms and a team of the best medical supervisors for your comfortable stay. And, the overall time for the treatment is of 2 days.

    • Day 1: First day, we welcome our patients after that we take patients for physical evaluation, and then, for supporting therapies, they are tested.
    • Day 2: On the second day, stem cell transplantation and cell activation therapies are done.
    • Day 3: Third-day stay is for patient’s any kind of supportive therapies if needed and follow-ups. And, as the patient is done with all of the above procedures, patients are provided with an airport drop facility.

    Our stem cell therapy protocol is the safest and non-invasive than others because we provide our patients with the best health care and facilities so that our patients can have their journey on the same day of discharge.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Global Stem Cell Care is a licensed and certified healthcare provider that is affiliated with esteemed medical labs that are also licensed and certified.

    At Global Stem Cell Care, we believe in offering the best treatment facilities for more effective results. All of our stem cells are expanded by using standard protocols that are safe, and then, they are delivered to our clinic for treatment by keeping them in sub-zero CryoPort™ containers.

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