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    In the patient packet you’ll receive, you will find details about Global Stem Cell Care’s culture. It will provide you with more information about our way of working and the facilities we provide to our patients. The packet will also contain a detailed explanation of stem cell treatment and its scope.

    You will also get to know the answers to the most asked questions about stem cell treatment and have your doubts alleviated. It will also make you aware of the medication restrictions and precautions you need to take before starting your stem cell treatment.

    Stem Cell Treatment
    Stem Cell Treatment

    Treatment-specific Information


    The packet will mention all the information regarding the stem cell treatment procedure, right from start to finish. After reading the patient packet, you will learn about the pre-treatment steps to be followed, in addition to the things to take care of after getting the stem cell treatment.

    In the patient packet, you will also be given easy tips you can follow to enhance your stem cell treatment effects. This way, you’ll have complete information about what to keep in mind before the treatment and after it.

    Fill out our treatment application form. The form is designed to help us understand your treatment goals.

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