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    Get to Know All About Stem Cell Treatment for Stroke

    A strokе arisеs whеn thеrе is a disruption in blood flow to thе brain, еithеr duе to a blockagе or suddеn blееding. Ischеmic strokеs, causеd by blockеd blood vеssеls, dеprivе thе brain of oxygеn and nutriеnts, lеading to thе rapid dеath of brain cеlls. On thе othеr hand, hеmorrhagic strokеs rеsult from blееding in thе brain, еxеrting prеssurе on brain cеlls and causing damagе.

    Major strokеs arе ischеmic, involving blockеd blood vеssеls, whilе thе rеmaining casеs involvе hеmorrhagic strokеs with intеrnal blееding. Strokеs arе catеgorizеd basеd on thе spеcific location of thе blockagе or blееding within thе brain.

    Rеcognizеd as a mеdical еmеrgеncy, a strokе can rеsult in еnduring brain damagе, long-tеrm disability, or еvеn fatality. Indications of a strokе vary from mild wеaknеss to paralysis or numbnеss on onе sidе of thе facе or body. Additional symptoms may еncompass a suddеn and sеvеrе hеadachе, wеaknеss, visual impairmеnt, and difficulty in spеaking or undеrstanding spееch.

    Stroke Stem Cell Treatment in Delhi

    Stroke is the condition that takes place when there is less supply to the brain, resulting in a reduction in the brain tissue’s oxygen levels.

    When the brain tissues do not receive any oxygen, then they start to die in minutes. Stroke is a profoundly serious medical condition that is life-threatening. This condition is regarded as a medical condition, and it is especially important that treatment is given to the patient at the earliest.

    If the patient gets the treatment at the earliest, then brain damage can be reduced to some extent. Stem cell therapy has recently emerged as an effective way to treat Stroke. The common symptoms of this medical emergency are problems in walking, speaking, and comprehending things.

    In some cases, it has also been observed that paralysis might occur in the body. Through stroke stem cell treatment in Delhi, complications and brain damage in stroke can be reduced. For the treatment of this serious medical disease, a medical diagnosis is particularly important.

    Do You Know About Stroke?

    1. The medical condition in which the blood supply to the brain tissues gets blocked or stopped due to any issue a stroke occurs in the body. The consequences of the blood supply to the brain getting stopped are very drastic.
    It is an emergency medical condition that requires immediate treatment. Due to this condition, it can be seen that the patient’s speech, body movement, organ functions might
    1. get seriously hampered. Mainly there are two categories of strokes such as ischemic and hemorrhagic.

    1. In an Ischemic stroke, the blood supply gets stopped to the brain. In Haemorrhagic Stroke, the blood vessel to the brain gets ruptured. This medical condition is quite a deadly one as Stroke is the third most leading cause of death besides heart conditions and cancer.
    2. It has been observed that majority of the people who suffer a stroke die due to this condition. There are major complications that occur in the body of the patient due to this medical condition.

    5. For the cure of stroke stem cell treatment in Delhi is highly regarded. The main cause of Stroke that can occur in a person’s body is the person consuming large amounts of trans-fat which is not ideal for health as it leads to an increase in cholesterol development.

    6. In the arteries of the patient, the cholesterol level increases, and high blood pressure is also a cause for this condition. The circulation of blood gets blocked in the arteries that lead to less oxygen reaching the brain, and due to this, brain cells also begin to die, which forms the condition of Stroke.

    7. Stroke is a more serious condition than heart disease as if there is any delay in giving emergency care to the patient, and it might lead to the death of the patient.

    8. The major cause of Stroke is smoking, high trans-fat diet, consumption of high level of alcohol, diabetes, and birth control pills. In India, Global Stem Cell Care provides the best treatment for patients who suffer from Stroke.


    1. Effective diagnosis of the patient is done before starting the stroke stem cell treatment. There are various physical tests and brain scan conducted to effectively diagnose this medical condition.

    2. Stroke is a serious medical condition, which is why the diagnosis stage is especially important as without it, the patient’s treatment cannot be started. The major tests that are performed for the diagnosis are the CT or MRI scan.

    3. In the diagnosis of the patient, the cholesterol and blood sugar levels are determined. The heartbeat of the patient and the blood pressure are also checked. In the diagnosis of the patient, medical history plays an especially important role.
    4. The doctors will perform the checking of the blood pressure and blood vessels of the eyes. The doctors also examine any abnormal noises coming from the heart, in the carotid arteries of the neck, and the working of the nerves.

    • Intravenous administration
    • Intrathecal (lumbar puncture)
    • Intramuscular
    • Intraarterial
    • Subcutaneous
    • Liberation angioplasty
    • Surgical administration for Stroke


    Implantation is the stage in the stroke stem cell treatment, where the stem cells get implanted into the patient’s body. Through this implantation of stem cells, the reestablishment of the brain process begins, which helps the patient to recover from the damage that occurred due to the Stroke. In the condition of Stroke, the blood supply to the brain gets stopped through which drastic effects might show in the patient.

    The following are the ways through which the implantation of stem cells is done:


    • In Stem Cell Therapy for Stroke, the Mesenchymal Stem Cells are used for its treatment. These stem cells get further segregated into neurons, glial cells, and astrocytes that help to replace the brain neurons that are lost.

    • The stem cells release growth factors, including brain-derived neurotropic and nerve growth factors, which kindles the resident neural stem cells and encourages communication between neurons, which accelerates the retrieval process. Through stem cell treatment, the swelling gets reduced, and neurological mutilation gets reversed.


    Get Stem Cell Therapy for Stroke

    Stroke is a profoundly serious medical condition, and for the treatment of this condition, stem cell treatment plays an important role.
    2. For the effective recovery of the patient, through stem cell treatment, the patient can be brought to the road of brain recovery.
    3. Stroke is regarded as one of the major causes of death. According to the data of World Health, more than 15 million suffer from this condition.
    4. Through stem cell therapy, the neurological functions can be established again in the patient’s body.

    How Global Stem Cell Care Therapy Works ?

    1. With the advent of stem cell treatment, the patients who suffer from Stroke can get the effective treatment that was not available earlier.

    Stroke is a major health condition for which the treatment must be started at the earliest or else further damage can be done to the patient.

    The stem cell treatment for Stroke is done through the implantation of Mesenchymal Stem Cells in the patient’s body.

    3. The other medications that are available for Stroke are not much effective as compared to stem cell treatment by Global Stem Cell Care.

    4. There is no side effect of stem cell treatment in the patient, which is beneficial for the patient. After the stem cell treatment, the medical team of Global Stem Cell Care provides proper aftercare that helps in the fast recovery of the patient.

    VIP Treatment to Patients at Global Stem Cell Care

    •  The stem cell therapy for stroke sessions given to the patients at Global Stem Cell Care occur in the VIP treatment room in the advanced clinic.
    • 24*7 supervision is maintained on the patients by the efficient medical team.
    • Global Stem Cell Care highly recommends the patients stay for a minimum of 3 days in Hospital.

    Symptoms of Stroke

    What to Expect from Stem Cell Treatment for Stroke?

    • 1. Global Stem Cell Care provides the best medical treatment to patients suffering from Stroke. The treatment methodologies followed by the medical team of Global Stem Cell Care has no side effects as they provide the best healing to the patients.

    • 2. The best of medical facilities and treatment is given to Global Stem Cell Care patients. Most of the patients show remarkable improvements in their condition.

    • 3. For more than ten years, Global Stem Cell Care has been healing patients and increasing their quality of life.

    • 4. In various patients, the effects of the treatment vary due to different biological factors. The Global Stem Cell Care patients get the quality services as there is a protocol that is followed by the team of Global Stem Cell Care that includes testing for the inflammation developing factors before the treatment commences.

    • 5. The testing is done during the treatment also. Research is being done on the efficacy of Allogeneic Stem Cell Therapy, and for that, the data is required for future prognosis to know the treatment after-effects on the patient.

    • Improvement in motor functions and muscle strength
    • Enhanced quality of speech and less spasticity
    • Enhancement of vision and social skills
    • Improvement in body movements

    Possible Improvement

    After the successful stem cell treatment of Stroke, there are many patients who get improvements in their condition. Through stem cell treatment, the neurological functions of the brain get established again.

    The patients get improvement in their motor functions, tone of muscles, improvement of speech, and coordination. The improvements that occur in the patient’s body stay for a long time after the stem cell treatment.

    Due to Stroke, a major impact gets on the motor functions, and through the treatment, the moto functions get enhanced.

    The following are the major improvements that are seen in the patients who have suffered from Stroke:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A: It is important for the onlooker to identify the signs and symptoms that might show up in the patient to identify if it is a stroke and provide medical assistance immediately. The major symptoms of a stroke are a problem in walking, talking, moving, or face disfunction. It is important to provide support to the patient who is suffering and take the patient immediately to the hospital.

    A: Yes, hereditary plays an important role in getting a stroke as the chances increase of the person getting a stroke. To avoid Stroke, it is important to lead a healthy lifestyle, quit smoking, and alcohol.

    A: Through the stem cell treatment, the motor functions get enhanced of the patient, and neurons get re-established.

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