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    Brain Injuries
    Chronic Kidney Disease
    Optic Nerve Atrophy
    Spinal Cord Injury
    Autism / ASD
    Multiple Sclerosis
    Liver Cirrhosis
    Muscular Dystrophy

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Stem cells are cells that in the human body have the capacity to become many different kinds of cells. Stem cells have the capacity to regenerate tissue that is weakened or diseased. Tissue-derived stem cells of the Mesenchymal cord have an exceptionally high degree of differentiation and immune regulation. By searching out areas of injury, paracrine signaling, controlling immune responses, and positively influencing human microbiology, MSCs (Mesenchymal Stem Cells) may provide regenerative effects.Mesenchymal Stem Cells are also immune privileged meaning the body will not reject them.

    Stem cell treatment at a reliable facility is important. While it is possible that there may be stem cell hospitals near you, however, it is also a fact that you can’t just get treatment from any hospital. Stem cell therapies are highly restricted in the number of cells as well as scope of stem cell treatment.

    We administer over 300 million cord tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells. Stem is partnered with Vitro Biopharma, an award-winning medical laboratory located in Golden, Colorado, USA, which is fully FDA registered, cGMP compliant, ISO 9001, and ISO 13485 certified. Cells are only sourced from the American Association of Tissue Bank (AATB) certified suppliers of full-term, ethically US donated human umbilical cords. The selection of these donated tissues is extremely regulated and strict. All of our cells are expanded using safe and standard protocols and are then flown overnight in sub-zero containers directly to our clinic for immediate treatment. To ensure maximum treatment effectiveness, our cells are expanded to as much as 300 million cells before being administered.

    For some chronic conditions the stem cell therapy by Global Stem Cell Care,has been offered years of medical research supporting positive results with harmful side effects. We only offer reliable treatment.
    The efficacy of the stem cell therapies for various degenerative diseases has been shown by dozens of studies, and our past patients have been very successful.
    Our aim is to regenerate degraded tissue, modulate the immune system, promote anti-inflammatory mechanisms and improve the overall quality of life.

    Our History

    Can stem cells help your condition?

    Global Stem Cell Care offers cutting edge stem cell therapy that helps improve the quality of life.

    Reliable Results
    To quantify the specific results, protocols are involved that work by testing for certain inflammation markers, and then again at intervals following treatment.

    Ethically donated cells
    You can trust on us and our reliable stem cell transplant. We are the provider of the most reliable stem cell therapy.


    A pathway towards better health

    Quantifiable results

    To quantify specific results, our protocol involves testing for certain inflammation markers prior to treatment, and then again at intervals following treatment.

    Ethicically donated

    Using ethically donates mesenchymal stem


    We are providing stem cells therapy from last 10 years

    We give 1-2 million cells per kg bodyweight

    1-2 million cord tissue derived mesenchymal stem cell injected to the patient through different mode of injection

    Our treatments are safe & non invasive

    Our facility is fully wheelchair accessible

    Performing treatment for over 10 years

    Mesenchymal Stem Cell

    Global Stem Cell Care India: The Best Stem Cell Therapy Centre in India

    Thank you for visiting Global Stem Cell Care! We are New Delhi's premier stem cell care consultant, with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide high-quality treatment at an economical cost to our patients.

    Global Stem Cell Care, one of India's premier medical tourism companies, is recognised for providing the most modern and unique stem cell treatment in Delhi at a price that suits your budget. Our stem cell treatment patients can harness their healing powers and effectively address their health concerns with the aid of the newest approaches that help battle the realms of inflammation, illnesses, and injuries with stem cell therapy.

    Global Stem cell care goal is to improve the quality of human life via stem cell therapy. Tissue engineering, a relatively young subject, has the potential to transform healthcare in the next years. People all across the globe who suffer from hereditary and degenerative disorders may now get stem cell-based therapy via our company.

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