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Approximately 80,000-90,000 individuals experience a TBI annually, resulting in a long-term disability in some cases and enduring difficulties for many others.

Determining the severity of lasting repercussions caused by traumatic brain injuries requires careful consideration of each person’s distinct circumstances. Untreated injuries could result in secondary issues like infections that exacerbate symptoms and cause additional harm over time. Seeking evaluation from qualified healthcare providers is essential for achieving positive outcomes, including the possibility of utilizing brain injury stem cell treatment as part of a comprehensive care plan.

Common Causes of Traumatic Brain Injury

Usual causes of traumatic brain injury include concussive impacts that don’t result in an open head wound or skull fracture, as well as causes where the person does not lose consciousness. And some other reasons might include the following:

  • Vehicle accident
  • Falls
  • Military Attack
  • Violence or gunshot wound

 How To Determine the Everlasting Reaction of Brain Injury?

After suffering a traumatic brain injury, it’s important to seek medical attention to understand which treatments align with your individual requirements. Upon leaving the hospital, ensure you take prescribed medication, and avoid physically demanding activity, to facilitate a successful recovery.

According to our brain injury stem cell treatment in Delhi experts at Global Stem Cell Care India, some types of Traumatic brain injury have some possible long-term effects which might include the following:

  • Concussions: Although many people who suffer concussions do not experience long-term issues, a severe concussion can lead to major consequences, including cognitive difficulties, mobility problems, numbness, and behavioural changes.
  • Open head injury: If the skull is penetrated by an object, the brain may be irreversibly damaged, resulting in nerve damage, impaired coordination, or even death. Furthermore, if the wound caused by the object is not treated adequately, infection may occur.
  • Hematomas: The seriousness of brain bleeds should not be underestimated — even after recovery from the initial trauma, those affected may still suffer from anxiety, depression, speech impediments, or have difficulty thinking clearly.
  • Skull fractures: A fracture of the skull can cause intense pain, as well as shards of bone entering the brain. Unchecked, it can lead to long-term issues such as bleeding, brain damage, infections, and seizures.

However, apart from these listed injuries, there are some other examples of brain injuries which can have a long effect on the patient’s life.

Know How Lasting Effects of a Traumatic Brain Injury on Your Quality of Life

Unfortunately, despite the best medical care, not everyone is able to make a full recovery from a traumatic brain injury with no long-term effects. Sadly, this means that some individuals end up having to face a much more difficult future.

When looking into the impacts of a traumatic brain injury, it is important to consider not only the long-term physical effects but also the following aspects as well.

  1. After getting hurt the individual might not be able to work: If an individual is suffering from a traumatic brain injury, they may not be able to continue their job duties if those duties require strenuous physical and/or mental effort. It is possible that the injury may necessitate a reduction in hours or complete job cessation.
  2. The individual may not be able to live alone or independently: If your mobility, cognitive abilities, and communication skills have been affected, you may not be able to live on your own anymore. You may need to move into an assisted living facility or stay with relatives who can provide full-time care.
  3. You may feel physical distress: It is unsurprising that many people experience anxiety after sustaining a traumatic brain injury, as the severity of the injury can be difficult to cope with.
  4. A potential life-changing illness may develop in the future: A traumatic brain injury raises the possibility that a person might suffer from Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, or dementia later in life. Although it’s possible to recover and lead a regular life after a TBI, future events may bring about unforeseen circumstances.

In addition to feeling anxious, depressed, or irritable after a traumatic brain injury, you may also experience changes in how your brain processes information, which can be a result of the brain being “rewired”.

Get Stem Cell Treatment for Brain Injury in India

The use of stem cells to treat brain injuries is a revolutionary advancement in treating this type of injury. Stem cells can act as a repair mechanism to damages caused by accidents or any other cause, and help in restoring and preserving vital functions of the brain.

Stem cell treatment for brain injury in India, due to its ability to renew the power of the stem cells, is a highly effective method for repairing brain injury. The healing and repairing process begins with the treatment, leading to a marked improvement in the patient’s condition.

At Global Stem Cell Care, patients enjoy top-notch medical care and treatment. An effective and safe treatment option for brain injuries is Mesenchymal Stem Cells, which produce no side effects.

Why Consider Global Stem Cell Care for the Treatment?

Stem Cell Therapy for Brain Damage has been proven to be safe, effective, and beneficial in Delhi, India. Physicians and clinicians specialized in this type of therapy have found that its usage is both reliable and successful. Furthermore, some of the key advantages of selecting this treatment from us for brain damage include:

  • We have an experience for more than ten years, in providing stem cell therapy for various conditions including these brain injuries.
  • Choose us and get the stem cell process that only takes 3 days.
  • The stem cell procedure or implantation we provide to our patients has no or fewer side effects, and they are proven to provide positive and healing results to the patients
  • As a leading and best stem cell center for brain injury, our team consist of professionals who are experienced and certified in their field.
  • We are well-known to offer the most affordable treatment for brain injury using stem cells compared to other countries.
  • Our medical tourism offers the best facilities for the patients and their family providing, transportation, accommodations, flight booking, assisting in VISA and many more.

The Final Thoughts

If you are experiencing symptoms due to brain trauma, you are not alone. Many of our patients have problems before treatment. We are proud to report that, after receiving brain injury stem cell treatment in Delhi at our clinic, 95% of our patients have seen statistically significant improvements in their brain functioning.

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