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Liver Disease includes a wide range of conditions that affect the liver, when the liver loses the power to repair itself after serious damage, it becomes a life-threatening condition for the individual. This vital organ is responsible for numerous bodily metabolic functions such as digestion, blood clotting healing effects, and others. Alcohol abuse, viral infections, genetic disorders, and autoimmune can cause this, which leads to liver transplant. However, it is worth noting that Global Stem Cell Care provides stem cell treatment for Liver Disease in India.

Overview Of Liver Disease

Liver disease is the fifth largest life-threatening disease in the world. The liver is an organ that lies on the right side of the stomach and just behind the rib cage inside the body. It does key functions such as digestion, and removal of toxic materials inside the body, and many different functions from protein synthesis and blood clotting to cholesterol, and metabolism.

A liver disease can be genetic and is caused due to infections, too much alcohol intake, and obesity, which damages the liver and leads to liver cirrhosis known as scarring of liver tissues. However, early treatment and stem cell therapy for Liver Disease in Delhi can prevent any further damage.

Here are the symptoms of liver disease:

  • Fatigue: It is a feeling of exhaustion and tiredness and can be caused by mental, physical, or both stresses. Fatigue is persistent and weakness is common in liver diseases because the liver can release energy in the body.
  • Jaundice: It is a condition where the body’s skin and the white part of the eyes turn yellow, it occurs due to when the liver is unable to process bilirubin effectively leading to its collection in the body.
  • Easy Brushing And Bleeding: Liver disease can also affect the blood clotting factors, which leads to easy brushing and prolonged bleeding.
  • Spider Veins: This happens due to changes in blood flow associated with the liver, small veins inside the body start to be visible as a spider web on the skin.
  • Edema: Liver disease can cause swelling around feet, ankles, and legs due to fluid buildup in the body.

Types Of Liver Disease

Liver disease has several types such as infection, alcoholism, genetic disorder, and others with each its unique causes, conditions, and treatment approaches. Scarring of liver tissue can also lead to more liver diseases like cirrhosis. However, Early treatments can prevent further liver damage.

 Viral Infections

  • Hepatitis A: It is usually transmitted due to the consumption of contaminated food or water, it doesn’t cause any discomfort to the body and can be resolved within 6 months.
  • Hepatitis B: Hepatitis B can lead to liver damage and liver cancer, it is transmitted through sexual contact, infected blood, or mother-to-child during childbirth.
  • Hepatitis C: Hepatitis C infection can cause liver cancer, cirrhosis, fibrosis, and inflammation and mainly spreads through infected blood.

Alcoholic Liver Disease

  1. Fatty Liver: Unnecessary fat accumulates in the liver due to alcohol consumption.
  2. Alcoholic Hepatitis:  Too much alcohol abuse can cause inflammation in the liver.
  3. Alcoholic Steatohepatitis (ASH): A combination of alcoholic hepatitis and liver inflammation can cause severe damage.

Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD)

NAFLD is the liver condition where fats get built up in the liver but it’s not caused by alcohol consumption. It starts as harmless fat in the liver. However, it can progress to (NASH) Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis, which causes liver inflammation, cirrhosis, and liver cancer, if not treated soon.

Autoimmune Hepatitis

Autoimmune Hepatitis is a condition where the immune system starts working against the liver, like attacking liver cells, leading to chronic inflammations and liver damage. If not treated can lead to further liver damage.


Cirrhosis is scarring of liver tissues, caused by many conditions of liver disease such as hepatitis, or alcoholism. Which causes the liver to generate scar liver tissue to replace damaged tissues for repairing the liver itself. This disease increases the chance of liver failure and liver cancer. Continuous infection and then reforms of scar tissues for repairing the liver leads to liver cirrhosis which makes it difficult for the liver to function properly.

Liver Cancer: Primarily liver cancer forms in liver cells or bile duct cells, it can also occur as cancerous cancer spreads from other organs in the body.  Hepatocellular carcinoma commonly occurs in individuals with chronic liver disease such as cirrhosis, hepatitis B or C, Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD), or Alcoholic liver disease.

Hemochromatosis: This is a genetic disorder characterized by excessive consumption and absorption of iron in the body,  specifically in organs like the heart, liver, and pancreas.  It causes inflammation, fibrosis, and cirrhosis in the liver if not treated soon.

Can Stem Cell Therapy Treat Liver Diseases?

Recent research has found that stem cell therapy holds a promising treatment for treating liver diseases. Its effectiveness depends on specific conditions and diseases of the individual liver.

Here are some liver conditions and diseases that can be treated with stem cell therapy.

  • Liver Cirrhosis: It has been shown by researchers that Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) can treat and reduce inflammations, promote tissue regeneration, and improve liver function and overall health of the liver. They can repair damaged liver tissues and eventually slow down the process of cirrhosis.
  • Liver Fibrosis: It has been studied that stem cells have anti-fibrotic effects for reducing the formation of scar tissues in the liver and improving overall liver functions in conditions like non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, or chronic hepatitis.
  • Liver Cancer: Stem cell treatment for liver cancer is not yet defined. Stem cell therapy is being researched as a potential approach to target cancer stem cells within tumors and enhance the effectiveness of conventional cancer.

It is important to know that while stem cells offer possibilities for liver disease treatment, it still require more clinical trials and research to be considered safe. However, When it comes to Liver Disease stem cell treatment in Delhi, you should visit Global Stem Cell Care for their precision and careful treatment with highly qualified doctors.


We know that liver disease is caused by different factors such as alcoholism, and infections, which can lead to severe conditions like cirrhosis, liver cancer, and fibrosis. However, stem cell therapy holds promise of treating liver disease, promoting tissue regeneration, and improving liver functions. Ongoing clinical research and trials are essential for further understanding the harness of potential stem cell therapy.

Global Stem Cell Care is the best stem cell center for Liver Diseases and provides compassionate care for patients, with our professional doctors to ensure you get better treatment. For booking an appointment Contact us here.



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