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Individuals from India who used to go to countries like the United States and the United Kingdom in the hopes of obtaining better medical care are no longer able to do so. The growing Medical Tourism sector has helped to stem the flow of medical tourists from Western countries to developing nations like India. So, what led to the emergence of this reversal trend? The medical tourism sector in India is rapidly expanding and is poised to become the country’s next major industry. India is one of the top five medical tourism destinations in the world, according to numerous studies. Each year, more than 150,000 medical tourists visit the country. By 2020, the Indian healthcare sector is expected to be worth US$280 billion. It is an outstanding accomplishment for the country. Let’s take a look at the top four reasons why India is such a popular medical destination.

The most lucrative aspect of the Indian medical tourism business is its affordable price. In comparison to America and the United Kingdom, heart surgery facilities, dentistry clinics, orthopaedic hospitals, and bariatric surgery centres provide services at a much lower cost. When compared to the expenses of an orthopaedic surgery in the United States, an orthopaedic surgery at Apollo hospital in New Delhi, India is extremely affordable.

Medical treatment of high quality: The availability of modern medical equipment and cutting-edge technology is the second reason for India’s popularity as a medical destination. Outside of the United States, India has the most USFDA (United States Food and Medication Administration)-approved drug manufacturing companies. Private hospitals in India, such as the Apollo Hospitals chain, which operates over 50 hospitals in India’s major cities such as New Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, and Kolkata, and Max Healthcare, which operates eight medical hubs in New Delhi alone, have helped to establish India’s reputation as a country with world-class medical facilities. The Apollo Hospitals attract the most international patients, followed by hospitals like Max, Fortis, and Workhardt. The Escorts Hospital and Research Centre, the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, the Lilavati Group of hospitals in Mumbai, and the Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases are all renowned hospitals in India. The country has also embraced the Public Private Partnership (PPP) Model to help the country’s healthcare infrastructure.

Tourism for health and well-being. Wellness tourism is a new trend in the medical tourism business that originated in India. Traditional Ayurvedic, Chinese, and Thai techniques are also available in the Indian spa industry. Medical tourists from all over the world visit India for spa and wellness retreats, as well as preventative health treatments that include DNA testing and stem-cell banking.

Physicians with advanced training: India produces the world’s largest number of doctors, nurses, and medical experts. Every year, the country generates approximately 30,000 physicians and nurses. The influence of the British on medical education and the ability to communicate fluently in English has aided in the development of global healthcare in the country. Many physicians in India have either studied or received their training at world-class medical institutions. The vast majority of physicians in India are multilingual, board qualified, and experienced in dealing with international patients. For all of these reasons, India is the ideal destination for individuals seeking to escape the high expenses of medical care in their own country.

Choosing the best stem cell treatment facility in India

Several clinics are springing up all over the world, providing stem cell treatment for a variety of illnesses, thanks to the growing popularity of stem cell therapy and its excellent therapeutic results. However, since stem cell treatment is still in its early stages and most of its promise has yet to be realised, choosing the appropriate and finest stem cell hospital for stem cell therapy in India is critical for improved clinical outcomes.

It is critical to categorise stem cell treatment providers that maintain and operate their own laboratories in accordance with the regulatory standards provided by their various countries.

It is critical to get accurate and reliable information on the number of patients treated, clinical studies completed, research papers published, techniques used, and so on. The information may be obtained via a website, other patients, or visible verification of the institution.

Your stem cell hospital should be backed up by skilled technical and clinical experts who can provide you with the right therapy at the right time.

It’s critical to know what type of sources the clinic has identified, whether it’s focusing only on autologous or allogeneic stem cells, or offering a wide range of options and choosing the best treatment plan for the patient’s specific requirements.

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