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Stem cells are the fundamental building blocks of the human body. All other cells with specific tasks, such as blood cells, brain cells, heart muscle cells or bone cells, skin cells, and so on, are produced from these cells.

When a woman conceives, the human body begins to take shape. The Zygote is the first stem cell produced following the union of male sperm and female egg.

The path of life begins with this single-cell Zygote, and this stem cell multiplies to produce additional stem cells, which continue to proliferate until they eventually transform into specialised stem cells. A human body is developed in this nine-month trip in this way.

These are the stem cells that continue to proliferate in both stem cell and specialised forms as the body develops from a baby to an adult.

The intriguing aspect is that stem cells may proliferate to produce additional cells called daughter cells in the appropriate environment, which can be found in the body or in a laboratory. These daughter cells may either differentiate into more stem cells or become specialised cells with a particular purpose, such as blood cells, brain cells, heart muscle cells, bone cells, and so on.

Why is stem cell research becoming more popular?

Stem treatment is able to provide outcomes when traditional medical sciences have reached their limits due to the capabilities of stem cells and their near proximity to how the body develops.

Stem cell treatments are prolonging both the life and the quality of life of people who have lost all hope.

Another reason for autologous (your own stem cells) stem cell treatments‘ appeal is that your own adult stem cell is harvested and reinjected in the afflicted region after being multiplied and processed in the laboratory. Because they are your own stem cells, there is a lower chance of rejection and other complications. It’s as if you’re treating the illness using your own construction materials.

In India, the cost of stem cell treatment is very high.

Apart from having no waiting period for treatment, the cost of stem cell therapy in India is much lower and considerably more reasonable than it would be in the Western world.

In India, the cost of stem cell treatment begins at $2,000 USD for one cycle and varies depending on the number of cycles, the patient’s condition, the treating doctor, and the protocol followed. The patient would be required to remain in India for 10 to 30 days in order to get stem cell treatment. In certain instances, depending on the recommended therapy, the patient may be required to remain for an additional 45 days.

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