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Undifferentiated cells with the ability to divide and convert into any kind of cell in the body as needed. They have tremendous recovery, healing, and regeneration capacity. Blood, bone marrow, umbilical cord blood, and adipose tissue all contain stem cells.

What is stem cell therapy, and how does it work?

Stem cell treatment is the use of stem cells to heal or treat an illness or to restore damaged tissue. Bone marrow, adipose tissues, and other tissues will also be used to make stem cells. Because of their enormous ability to prevent and cure different health problems, as well as to regenerate damaged tissues, global study is constantly being conducted to maximise the benefits of these cell lines.

The simplest evidence of stem cell therapy is found in patients that need vision restoration of affected eyes or skin grafting in severely burned cases. Stem cell therapies for cancers of the brain and nervous system, such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, reducing heart attacks, treating asthma, renal problems, autism, and spinal cord injury, are gradually becoming accessible.

What are the different types of stem cells?

Different stem cell sources may be used in a given situation depending on the disorder. The treatment may include extracting stem cells from adipose tissue-derived stem cells and combining them with PRP (Platelet-rich plasma) or obtaining stem cells from bone marrow that can differentiate into progenitor cells that differentiate into a variety of other tissues that can aid in the therapy.

Stem cells will be harvested and stored in a clean room under aseptic conditions in order to ensure a sterile atmosphere. The doctor can go through the whole procedure with the patient, including the amount of viable stem cells injected. Furthermore, the accuracy of the injections to deliver high-quality stem cells to the injury site would aid in a smoother and quicker regeneration of the patient’s affected region.

The treatment’s duration and expense

The cost and length of care differ from one patient to the next. The length of treatment is determined by the illness that needs to be treated, its seriousness, age factor, physical status, and other factors. And may display effects right away during therapy, whereas the other may take a few sessions or weeks to show results. The expense of stem cell therapy in India varies depending on the condition detected, the stem cells harvested, the length of the therapy, and any adjuvants utilised in the process.

Visits on follow-up

It is important that the patient return to the stem cell doctor for recovery treatments after the stem cell therapy. The avoidance of secondary complications, analysis of regeneration of motor, auditory, and other body functions, therapeutic support/counseling for stress, mood changes, anxiety, and reintegration into the group are the main targets of such treatment.

For the regeneration of injured tissues, separate sets of precautions may need to be taken at different stages. Based on the disorder and the seriousness, the care and post-treatment outcomes can differ from individual to person.

Stem cell treatment has a high success record.

Stem cell therapy has proved to be effective in the treatment of severe illnesses such as leukaemia, grafting organs, asthma, orthopaedic diseases, and skin problems, among others. Around 80 severe diseases have been effectively treated with stem cell therapy.

Patients who underwent stem cell therapy had considerably higher survival rates, regardless of whether the cell donors are associated or not. Scientists are discovering different possibilities in which a host of life-threatening illnesses will be avoided and treated as a result of current studies across the world; hence, stem cells have proven to be exciting in the immediate future as certain things have yet to be discovered.

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