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    Sebastian was diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease in 2015. He chose to receive stem cell treatment with Global Stem Cell Care in New Delhi and is absolutely happy with his choice as his condition improved a lot after
    the treatment.

    I was diagnosed with ALS (Amyltrophic Lateral Sclerosis) also known as MND (Motor-neuron Disease) or in November of 2016. I was told I had a year to live, no more than two at best. I decided to undergo stem cell treatment with GSCC in India. I was very happy with theresults I got after the treatment. The doctors
    there were very helpful and encouraging.

    Patrick who came to India with his got cured from ALS permanently after undergoing stem cell therapy with Global Stem Cell Care. He can now live a normal life again after so many years and is now free from this deadly disease.

    Mr. Mangalam underwent stem cell treatment for macular degeneration with GSCC in New Delhi. He is very satisfied with the results he got. He is now able to see clearly and with better sharpness.

    Within the first eight months of being spotted with Macular Dystrophy, I lost more than 50% eyesight. Then, I took help from GSCC and underwent stem cell therapy in India. My vision has improved a lot after the treatment

    He was diagnosed Macular Degeneration at age 15. This eye condition causes the vision to degenerate to an extent where no reading or writing is possible. He is thankful to the team of GSCC for curing him from this disease.

    Jacob started losing his eyesight when he was 42. When he went to an ophthalmologist, the doctor told him he had been diagnosed with Macular Degeneration. After undergoing stem cell therapy in India with GSCC, he has
    improved his vision abilities.

    Oliver calls the adult stem cell therapy miraculous for himself. This is because he was able to get rid of macular degeneration with stem cell therapy under the assistance of doctors at GSCC.

    Visiting Delhi and contacting GSCC is now a decision Prakash is tremendously happy to have taken. His life has improved drastically after undergoing stem cell treatment of liver cirrhosis.

    Mr. Steve had been very regular alcohol consumer from past 8 years eliciting in his liver getting preliminary signs of damage. He with liver cirrhosis indetected with liver cirrhosis in 2015. Steve decided to treat his condition via stem cell therapy and contacted GSCC for further assistance. His condition has improved a lot after the treatmen

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