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    Mike was suffering from the problem of erectile dysfunction and had to face lots of embarrassment in front of his wife. He then underwent stem cell therapy for ED with GSCC in India and is now able to enjoy a healthy sexual life with his spouse.

    Mohd. Ali was suffering from erectile dysfunction. He underwent prostate surgery a year ago but there wasn’t much improvement. After the surgery, he decided to undergo stem cell treatment at Global Stem Cell Care and was able to have intercourse again after undergoing stem cell therapy successfully.

    I am Peter and I was suffering from erectile dysfunction. This condition was impeding my sexual life immensely. Now that I am cured, I would like to thank the crew of Global Stem Cell Care for the stem cell treatment.

    I was suffering from diabetic neuropathy from past 7 years. To cure it for life, I decided to contact GSCC in India for stem cell therapy. After the therapy, my condition has improved a lot and I am able to live a healthy
    life now.

    Rosella is ecstatic with her treatment outcomes after undergoing stem cell treatment for diabetic neuropathy. She was detected with this aliment some years back and in trying to And herself an idyllic treatment and an enhanced
    quality of life, she decided to try stem cell treatment in India with GSCC

    Carole was diagnosed with diabetic neuropathy and to cure it, she decided to travel to India for stem cell treatment. With GSCC, she got amazing results post treatment. She is very appreciative to the whole staff of GSCC for supporting his stay

    Mr. Jack was suffering from uncontrolled diabetes mellitus since past 10 years with featured diabetes neuropathy. He was encountering a problem with recurrent urination, blurred vision, deranged sugar level in blood and extreme exhaustion. After the stem cell treatment with GSCC, his condition has improved a lot.

    I would like to thank the medical specialists of Global Stem Cell Care for the treatment of diabetic neuropathy that made me get rid of this disease in the easiest and reasonable manner in India.

    Chhaya was detected for diabetes and CKD. She was under medicine for a very long time. After undergoing stem cell treatment, there is a lot of improvement in her condition. Thanks to the team of Global Stem Cell

    Robert was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease in 2016. He suffered a lot and then decided to undergo stem cell treatment in India with Global Stem Cell Care. He is very happy with the results as his condition improved a lot after the treatment. He is able to live a disease-free life now.

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