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    Hi, I am Nicole from Scotland. I visited India for stem cell therapy to treat my optic neuropathy. Since 16 years old, I have been suffering from this. I contacted Global Stem Cell Care, which offers stem cell treatment for the same. One of the staff members clarified everything in detail about the process and treatment procedure, along with the costing and other essential particulars about stem cell therapy and its consequence on the fitness process. They also shared their treated patient’s victory stories and case studies with me which enhanced my confidence in getting the treatment at Global Stem Cell Care.

    Hi, I am Ratan Jadhav, father of Diksha. We visited Global Stem Cell Care for stem cell therapy. My daughter was detected with optic nerve hypoplasia. My cousin told me about this therapy. And after that, we contacted them and discussed all the essential things needed in the further treatment procedure. She’s been getting treatment for her optic nerve hypoplasia through stem cells. The treatment has been working well. Her vision is improving. We’re very happy with the results. Thanks to the whole team of Global Stem Cell Care.

    Hi, I am Mary, the mother of James. My child was detected with optic nerve hypoplasia. And I was searching for a treatment to cure my child’s condition. Then I learned about stem cell treatment which is proven to be an effective, safe and affordable process, and to be honest; the results are outstanding. This is one of the best treatments for optic nerve hypoplasia that I’ve encountered. I highly recommend it to other parents who may be looking for a treatment option for their child.

    I am Oliver. I visited India with my 4-year-old kid Kylie to get stem cell treatment for optic nerve hypoplasia. In May, Katie was first treated with stem cells via Global Stem Cell Care. After her first treatment, she started to see the light and distinguish colors. With both eyes, she could also read and identify the colors of a green sign some 30 feet away. We are very happy with the improvements. I want to thank all the staff of Global Stem Cell Care.

    My son had Optic nerve hypoplasia, and my cousin suggested this stem cell treatment, and to be honest, it helped him a lot. So, if you are looking for something affordable and effective, I highly recommend this treatment, and the best part is that it has no side effects to worry about. We reached the hospital in a few days because of the support they are offering. Their staff picked me up from the airport, and the doctors were well educated.

    I am suffered from visual damage all my life, but my optic nerve atrophy and other worsening conditions are due to a lack of treatment options. That all changed when my wife and I learned about Global Stem Cell Care on the internet. After many suggestions and discussions, we decided to visit India for the treatment. We both want to thank the whole team for providing world-class treatment facilities. After my treatment, I was able to experience better vision capabilities, and her condition improved massively after that. The Global Stem Cell Care team was very helpful, and they helped me see the world again.

    I searched for stem cell treatment in other states like the United States and Canada, but they all had long waiting lists and too high prices, so I decided to look for clinics in India and found Global Stem Cell Care. I was impressed by the reviews I found online, and I had a consultation with their medical staff. If you are looking for a stem cell treatment for optic nerve atrophy, I highly recommend this hospital for the treatment. They are affordable and have a very advanced facility


    Hi, I am Rachel from New York. I had a problem with my optic nerve. I was worried that I might lose my vision, I tried stem cell therapy via Global Stem Cell Care in India, and now I’m seeing it again, and I feel great, I can see everything, and I can’t believe it. I am so happy with the outcomes, I didn’t think it would work, but I did it anyway. So if you are a patient with Optic Nerve Atrophy, go for stem cell treatment.

    Hi, I am Ritika’s father, Ishaan Singh, my daughter was suffering from optic nerve atrophy, and for a few years, I searched for a safe and effective treatment for my child but couldn’t find one. Then one of my relatives told me about stem cell therapy via Global Stem Cell Care. I’ve used this therapy for my child’s condition and am very satisfied with the results. Not only did it improve her vision, but it also helped with her cognitive functions and behavior. The best thing about stem cell therapy is that it’s completely natural and has no side effects. Thanks, Global Stem Cell Care, for the great assistance and fantastic treatment.


    Hi, I am Manisha, and I live in Saudi Arabia with my family. I have suffered muscular dystrophy for the last 4 years. After some time, I observed that I couldn’t walk, stand, and sit correctly. I consulted various doctors, and all of them were unable to treat my disorder. But with the, stem cell therapy, which is a natural procedure without any adverse effects. I can feel lots of improvements in my condition. I found Global Stem Cell Care for the treatment. And I am very much impressed with the hospitality they offer. I want to say Thanks for all your efforts and best wishes for your future success.

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