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    I am Carla Hook and my age is 59 years old. I like to unstintingly thank the team of StemCellCareIndia to give me my young-looking appearances back with their innovative approaches of stem cell therapy

    I am 69 years old women from USA and I came to the Global Stem Cell Care for stem cell therapy for anti-aging. After the treatment, I got rid of my sleep problems, back ache issues, migraine and other age related problems that I was struggling from a very long time.

    Mr. Beckson came for stem cell treatment for anti-aging with GSCC on 12th September 2016 after he started to feel exhausted quite often in day-to-day activities. After the treatment, he started feeling more energetic and
    less fatigued.

    Renne had been suffering from ankylosing spondylitis. She came to India for stem cell treatment with GSCC and she is very happy with the results after the therapy.

    Rick was suffering from chronic knee pain and back pain and has undergone many knee surgeries and other treatments formerly. He underwent stem cell treatment with GSCC for his ankylosing spondylitis. Soon after his
    treatment, he started feeling better.

    Cathy came to India at GSCC with knee and shoulder pain. Six weeks after stem cell therapy, she is fit and fine again! She can carry her grandchildren without any distress of falling and can now sleep on her shoulder.

    Rosemary’s orthopedic doctor told her that her left knee would need to be replaced and she didn’t want to do that. After contacting GSCC in India, she decided to undergo stem cell treatment and started to feel better right away. After six weeks she experienced better range of motion.

    I was suffering from ankylosing-spondylitis since past 5 years. Painful joints, constrained movements and rigidity in the whole body are the things I had to put up with every day. Then, I planned to undergo the StemCellCareIndia’s treatment and now, I think I made the correct decision!

    I was a patient of COPD from last 4 years. After undergoing stem cell treatment with GSCC in India, I began walking up the stairs without resting quite frequently. I could talk much better without rapidity of breath.

    I was battling with COPD before I contacted Global Stem Cell Care for COPD stem cell treatment. Three months post treatment; I noticed that I started walking much elongated distances before resting. And I did not use my inhaler as much as before.

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