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    When I was diagnosed with the disease, I faced a massive quantity of pain and was experiencing a stroke. I consulted many doctors and specialists but just wanted a natural cure for multiple sclerosis. Then I came to know about stem cell treatment in India by Global Stem Cell Care. Immediately without further discussion, I visited the hospital and learned its effects are long-lasting and easily fit my expenditure. I am very overwhelmed that I found the Global Stem Cell Care team.

    I am from Nigeria and was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis some years back. After doing a lot of research, my husband reached out to one of the patients from Global Stem Cell Care in India. These consultations guaranteed them their decision to travel to India for stem cell treatment. After getting the stem cell treatment, I am now able to speak more unmistakably, stand up straight and walk without any support. The staff was very gentle and soft-spoken. Overall, my treatment experience with Global Stem Cell Care has been very delightful.

    I was suffering from Multiple sclerosis and searching for an appropriate and effective treatment for my condition, and I got information about stem cell therapy in India. Then I contacted Glob Stem Cell Care for further details on the procedures. Their team sent me detailed data within a day. Now, after the therapy, the sensation is better in my hands, and able to walk straight without any support. I want to thank all the Global Stem Cell Care staff for helping me.

    At the age of 52, I experienced a cramp in my head, and suddenly I collapsed. After some time, when I woke up, I couldn’t feel any sensations in my left arm and leg. I was admitted to the hospital for two months. Then in the third month, my doctor informed me that I was suffering from a stroke. At that moment, I felt like my whole life is shattered. But then, the specialist advised me to undergo stem cell therapy in India at Global Stem Cell Care. After seven months of the procedure, I’m feeling much better and want to thank all the Global Stem Cell Care team.

    I visited India for treatment for my stroke. Initially, I could neither speak nor walk for the past five months. As per the health care providers, I need urgent treatment for the disorder. Then, my son, searching for a comprehensive stroke stem cell treatment, contact the Global Stem Cell Care team, and without any second thought, we came to India. I visited them with a lot of hope, and now I can say that I didn’t regret the decision as I benefited from the stem cell therapy the whole team gave.


    I am 60 years old and suffered a stroke that left me with a speech impairment. I did a lot of research and found this stem cell treatment facility in India with the world’s most advanced stem cell treatment. The treatment was far less painful than I expected, and the results were amazing! I am now way better and thankful to the doctors for helping me.

    I suffered from a stroke that left me paralyzed on the left side of my body. I was so depressed and sad to be in this state I couldn’t even make a fist. But with stem cell treatment, I am recovering very rapidly. I can even walk now. It’s a miracle! I know stem cell treatment is still new, but I hope more and more people get to experience the same success I did.


    Hi I am Suraj father of Vivaan Thakur. He was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy, and I was shocked and disheartened. So I consulted different doctors about his state, and at least one of my friends found out about Global Stem Cell Care in India and suggested me to visit there. The whole staff helped us and got my son treated conveniently and at a very reasonable cost. And currently, he is doing very well in improving.

    I visited India in 2017 with my husband for treatment as he was suffering from Spinal muscular atrophy, and he was getting weak over time. As a result, he has become reliant on others for his daily activities. So I was looking for the best treatment options available, and I found out about Global Stem Cell Care, which offers safe, painless, and cost-effective stem cell treatment for the disorder. I am delighted that I visited Global Stem Cell Care, and they gave all support and care towards my husband’s treatment process, and now we can observe some more improvements in his condition.

    I visited India for the treatment of spinal muscular therapy for my mother. First, during an examination, he discussed his state with the doctor about problems getting up when sitting on the floor. Then, after some tests, the health care provider confirmed the spinal muscular atrophy. After that, the doctor suggested us to visit Global Stem Cell Care in India for stem cell therapy to complete further procedures. And it’s been a month of treatment, and we can see the improvements in his condition and we are pretty happy with the whole team.

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