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    Hi, I am Mark from New York, and I visited India with my wife for the treatment of retinal detachment. I had a retinal detachment and was terrified to go through surgery and recovery time. Due to this fear, I searched for an alternative treatment to cure my condition, and then I found that stem cell treatments were very effective and less time-consuming, and I am thrilled with the results. I will suggest it to anyone who has the same problem.

    I was detected with retinal detachment, and then my friend suggested this stem cell treatment, and to be honest, it helped me a lot. So, if you are looking for something affordable and effective, I highly recommend this treatment, and the best part is that it has no side effects to worry about. We reached India in a few days because of the support they are offering. They helped to get a visa to visit India because of my condition, and their staff picked me up from the airport, and the doctors were well educated.


    My doctor recommended a stem cell treatment. I couldn’t get the treatment done in my country, so I got on a plane and went to Global Stem Cell Care in India. The stem cell treatment is available to anyone. The cost was much less than it would have cost me in my own country, and the results were amazing. I had my treatment done a few months ago, and I haven’t had any eye problems since then. I can see well than I did before my retinal detachment.

    Hi everyone, I am Alina from Dubai, and I came to India to treat Parkinson’s disease through stem cell therapy. At the age of forty-two, I was diagnosed with this condition. And it was difficult for me to walk properly, my voice was crumbling, and other people could not understand me. After some time, I learned about stem cell treatment in India for my condition. So I took therapy from Global Stem Cell Care, which proved to be very beneficial for me, and now I can walk.


    I am Sapna, the daughter of Krishna Dubey. At the age of 57, my father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. He could not do his daily activities independently, and he was becoming reliant on others. Then my husband suggested us to undergo stem cell treatment for his condition. We searched for the hospitals that offer this treatment, but due to our financial state, we were unable to start the procedure. Then we came to know about Global Stem Cell Care, where the hospital staff guaranteed us the best treatment for my father, which was very cost-effective, and till date, we are very grateful to all the team and staff of the hospital.

    I am a UK-based citizen, and at the age of fifty-five, I started observing some symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. I was facing difficulties in speaking, smiling, and doing other activities. My friend tools me about stem cell therapy in India. I searched for the best hospitals, and then I got to know about Global Stem Cell Care. After consulting the specialists, the treatment procedures were started, and I loved how the hospital helped me in every step of the process. They provided me with the best room in the hospital, their food was excellent, and the hospital ambiance was also delightful and calming.

    My name is Sukhveer Chadda, and I live in Canada with my wife. However, it’s been 12 years since my wife was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. After lots of study and effort, I found some facts about stem cells that they have so much potential to repair, replace and regenerate diseased cells or tissues into a healthy ones. Then I researched more about it and found Global Stem Cell Care, which has several years of experience treating disorders like Parkinson’s disease. So, my wife undergoes stem cell therapy, and we are very happy with the results and improvements.

    When I was 15 years old, I met with a horrible car accident and developed an optic neuropathy issue. My condition got worse over time, and I couldn’t be able to do the things I love, like photography. I was very helpless and disheartened. My parents were also upset as we could not find the proper treatment for my condition. Then one of my relatives told us about stem cell therapy via Global Stem Cell Care. We contacted them and discussed all the essential details of the whole procedure. After that, I underwent stem cell treatment, and I can experience many improvements.

    Hi, I am Anuskha from Guwahati, Assam. I was diagnosed with optic neuropathy when I was 16 years old. I was looking for a suitable and effective treatment to cure my disease. Then one day, I was scrolling and searching, and then I learned about Global Stem Cell Care, which offers stem cell treatment that is proven to be a successful process for multiple disorders. When I contacted them, they provided me with all the previous patient reviews, documents, and investigation papers which convinced me to undergo this therapy. So, I visited them, and they started the therapy sessions without complications and delay. I am extremely happy with the results and thankful to the team for providing a natural, effective therapy and a wonderful experience.

    Hi, I am Md. Azad, husband of Salma Begum. She has had visual impairment all her life, but her optic neuropathy diagnosis and worsening condition, together with a lack of treatment choices, were heartbreaking. This all improved we planned to opt for stem cell treatment in India. We contacted Global Stem Cell Care and flew to India. After the treatment, she was able to experience a lot of improvement in her vision and overall health condition. We are very thankful to the entire staff for supporting our stay in India so well.

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