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    For international patients, Viezec Stem Cell Institute offers the option to book an online or telephonic consultation with an accomplished and experienced doctor regarding their stem cell treatment.

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    Stem Cell Therapy


    Our remote consultation is a straightforward process with three easy steps:

    Query Submission

    First, you’ll let us know what medical condition you’re suffering from. Send any reports that may be relevant to your condition.


    Our medical representative will contact you to help set up an appointment at a time of your choosing.

    Live Consultation

    On your agreed date and time, you will receive a phone call or video conferencing link (as per your preference). The consulting doctor will provide you with the diagnosis and future course of action regarding the required stem cell treatment after talking with you and going through your reports (if any).

    Stem Cell Therapy

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      Frequently asked Questions (FAQs) about Online Doctor Consultation India

      Stem cell therapy is extremely effective if the diagnosis is made at an early stage. This gives the doctor ample time to provide a complete course of treatment for regenerative healing.

      You will receive a prompt callback from our medical team within 24 to 48 hours.

      The total time for a video or telephonic consultation depends on the patient’s condition, availability of medical data and the time required to provide a comprehensive assessment of the health condition.

      Any patient seeking medical advice for their ailment may book an online appointment. Since the appointment can be booked from anywhere, it enables patients to take advantage of this facility from their homes.

      Each doctor on our team has extensive medical experience and is qualified from a prestigious medical institution. They are registered practitioners with license provided by recognized health agencies. You are welcome to go through your consulting doctor’s background, including qualifications, experiences, and specializations.

      The consulting certified doctor will study your medical reports and may ask for pictures to do a comprehensive evaluation. After a complete diagnosis is made, the doctor’s recommendations to cure your health issue may include medical tests, medications, or lifestyle changes. The doctor will decide whether your treatment requires you to visit in person or if it can be treated remotely.

      As per medical ethics and industry compliance standards, all your medical data and consultation is kept confidential to ensure data privacy and patient trust.

      In case of a telephonic consultation, you would need a mobile device. If you are consulting with the doctor over a video call, you would need a computer/laptop or mobile phone with a good internet connection. You can consult with the doctor from anywhere you wish.

      Fill out our treatment application form. The form is designed to help us understand your treatment goals.

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