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Stem Cells Cure Brain Injury

Can Stem Cells Cure Brain Injury?

What is the difference between a stem cell and a pluripotent stem cell? Adult stem cells are essentially "blank" cells and can differentiate into every cell group in the body,...

Learn in detail about the process of stem cell differentiation

In recent years, stem cell therapy has become a very encouraging and progressive scientific research topic. The development of treatment approaches has aroused remarkable expectations. A catholic variety of potentials...

Learn in detail what diseases can be cured with stem cells

Stem cells (SCs) have the aptitude to develop into several other kinds of cells. Totipotent cells identified as blastomeres have the supplementary aptitude to develop into an individual creature. Pluripotent...

How is India progressing in the stem cell therapy research?

Irrepressible ailments up to now were a reason of severe suffering for the patient and his/her family. With stem cell therapy, a ray of hope is ultimately appearing on the...

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