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    India is home to a variety of well-resourced hospitals and research centers that draw foreign patients to visit the country and get the best care. Our language translation service is provided by professionals in order to ensure seamless and error-free contact. The translation service is an integral part of the travel plans for those searching for care, rehab or complicated diagnostic tests in New Delhi, India. Translators not only help in communication, but also in the translation of medical and other documents.
    The translators working for us have years of experience and can carry out their work with excellence. They are well aware of the pros and cons of such translation services. Even a trivial error or imprecision when interpreting a medical study or a doctor’s advice may have a significant effect on the follow-up care and may have a significant impact on the welfare of the patient.

    • Health reports (medical history)
    • Opinions and plan of service of health care professionals
    • Surgery minutes for the surgeons
    • Results of study and review
    • Safety Card
    • Reports on the use of drugs, etc.

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