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    Mark was able to walk again just 10 weeks after treatment, and has now returned to his active lifestyle. He underwent stem cell therapy for osteoarthritis with GSCC in 2018. He is very appreciative of the staff of GSCC.

    Andrew was told that he would need a knee replacement after suffering from years of pain and inflammation because of knee arthritis. However, Andrew was then recommended an alternative therapy i.e. stem cell therapy. He was quite satisfied with the results after the treatment with GSCC.

    At the age of 29, I met with an accident and got crashed my right ankle. The internal ligaments and talus got really ruptured. However, as a relief to my melancholies, StemCellCareIndia’s treatment worked like a miracle for me.

    Kelvin is very thankful to the team of GSCC for curing his condition of optic neuritis. Their treatment procedures are very curative m and I am happy with thee results.

    After undergoing stem cell procedure, in which stem cells extracted from bone marrow in her hip were injected into a different region in each eye, Trisha progressively, regained some of her sight. She can now read menus and street signs and also get around without her cane.

    After getting into a car accident Bella Dandridge developed optic neuritis which caused her vision to deteriorate over numerous years to the point where she had to resign from her dream job. She experienced improvements in her sign after she underwent stem cell treatment in India.

    Bryna lost her sight in a matter of weeks in 2013 because of a severe case of optic neuritis – swelling of an optic nerve that causes progressively blurry vision because the nerve could no longer communicate with the brain.
    She then underwent stem cell therapy with GSCC in India and got drastic results.

    Janice was detected with optic neuritis in 2015. Her vision was deteriorating at a fast pace and then she decided to visit India and undergo stem cell therapy with GSCC. Her condition is better after the treatment.

    The team of GSCC is quite advantageous and they helped Michael see the world again with a new affirmative outlook. He is very appreciative of the team and the doctors here too.

    Vienna came to India to fins cure for opticnerve atrophy with stem cells. She contacted the team of GSCC. She been blind for more than five years, but after undergoing stem cell therapy where stem cells extracted from her bone marrow were injected into her right eye’s retina and left eye’s optic nerve, she has recuperated
    some of her sight.

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