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    After undergoing stem cell therapy at GSCC, the biggest thing we have noticed is his ability to track people and his vision. His cognitive skills have improved. Thanks to the team of GSCC.

    Sarah was diagnosed with cerebral palsy when she was 5 months old. She was first treated at the Global Stem Cell Care in Delhi using human umbilical cord-derived stem cells in 2018 when she came here with her parents.
    Now, her condition has improved a lot. Her vision has improved. She is trying diverse ways of communicating versus just shouting which is what she did before when she wasn’t treated with stem cell therapy

    By the time Dylan was 20 months old, he had been detected with cerebral palsy. In 2019, parents Carrie and Jeremy took their son to India for a stem cell transplant at GSCC. He is now better and living a less physically
    restricted life.

    Sofia suffered a deficiency of oxygen at birth and has cerebral palsy owing to it, so it is a middle-grade injury. We as her parents had visited India in 2016 for the stem cell treatment and she showed immediate improvement after the treatment at GSCC. Her circulation improved a lot.

    Parents of Bibli attained new hope for their 4 years old son with cerebral palsy. They came to India for the stem cell therapy for cerebral palsy of their son. He received the treatment at GSCC and his parents are quite happy
    with the improvements in him.

    Post cell stem treatment that involved a number of sessions, Mary showed progress in her condition. She came here with her parents and they are well satisfied with the treatment they received at GSCC.

    Zen faced trouble in expressing himself, inability in recognizing alphabets and a different behavioral pattern. His mother came to India and he underwent stem cell therapy for autism at GSCC. He is doing very well now.

    Jennifer with autism showed loads of improvement after undergoing stem cell therapy at Global Stem Cell Care. Her life has now wholly changed and she has matured into a well–organized girl.

    Paarth was detected with mild intellectual disability at the age of 2. He exhibited signs of aggression, hyperactivity, loud noises, height, fear of animals, disturbed sleep patterns, lack of social interaction and extraneous emotional behavior. Her parents approached Global Stem Cell Care for consultation about stem cells and after the treatment, Paarth condition improved drastically

    4 years old Bobby from Canada, who had been suffering with Autism Spectrum Disorder, had undergone stem cell therapy in 2016 . He attained some dramatic results and his condition improved.

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