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    Global Stem Cell Care India has been efficaciously treating and offering healthcare services to patients from across the globe, who are looking for cost-effective and quality stem cell treatment in India. This is an informative page for our health seeking friends and patients from SAUDI ARABIA covering all the facets of traveling to India from Saudi Arabia for admirable medical care when it comes to stem cell treatment.


    Global Stem Cell Care India, being a legendary stem cell therapy hospital India, offers a widespread range of stem cell solutions for the treatment of varied types of health ailments. This stem cell therapy center in India focuses to individualistically offer good health via stem cell therapy in Delhi. It has been effectually assisting patients across the globe by offering healthcare services of the premium quality to patients, who are in the lookout for good quality stem cell medical facilities at reasonable rates. This page caters to our Saudi Arabia friends on the lookout for stem cell treatment in India, and has all the info focused on the aspects related to travelling to India for healthcare issues.
    Global Stem Cell Care is the leading stem cell treatment service provider of India, catering to global patient care and guaranteeing most favorable assistance to folks in quest of all kinds of stem cell treatments and operations available in India. Not only this, the treatment packages and programs are designed and modified as per the needs of the patients and match global standards. We have link with a lot of leading hospitals, research organizations and medical universities specializing in regenerative medicine to offer cost-effective healthcare. At Global Stem Cell Care, the stem cell therapy in India is carried out by highly expert and proficient doctors and surgeons in India. Our hospital has contemporary equipment that increase success rate of stem cell therapy in India.

    Post-operative treatment

    Stem cell therapy does not affect patients in any way. Patients are typically permitted to leave after a few hours after the end of the stem cell procedure. There is a 24-hour patient hotline number available for every enquiry following discharge. The doctors or clinic surgeons involved often keep in close contact with their patients via telephone or e-mail. Through doing so, they will gain reliable feedback on their success and, if necessary, also provide further retrieval. For eg, in the case of a diabetic patient, after hearing about the current symptoms of the patient, the doctor involved could prescribe the appropriate dose of insulin.

    Phase flow to India for stem cell therapy

    Let us understand the process of coming to India for successful and economically priced medical care. The process continues with the patient submitting his/her question and medical history via e-mail or talking to a health care provider on a conference call. The findings and the case are closely reviewed by our senior surgeons/physicists for a detailed medical opinion, which is then forwarded to the patient so that the patient can understand and prepare the next steps. As a mandatory procedure, all findings are studied and submitted by no fewer than three experts for unprejudiced, inclusive medical opinions. After that, the patient will fly to India on pre-confirmed dates. In addition, we are assisting our patients from Saudi Arabia to receive medical visa clearance plus we are also arranging all logistic and travel related requirements. Many specifics can be found in the Step by Step Guide for a clearer explanation of the whole process.

    • Straightforward – simple booking procedure
    • Low cost – a fraction of the cost of what it is in UK or even Saudi Arabia
    • Low cost – a fraction of the cost of what it is in UK or even Saudi Arabia
    • Low risk – world’s highest standards of clinical care, safety and surgical approaches
    • Lowest infection rates – Less than 0.5 percent
    • Quick and effective service – instantaneous treatment with much lower waiting periods
    • Full patient support service – 24/7 service
    • No doctors’ recommendation vital
    • Specialist consultations – scans, clinical investigations and consultations at short notice
    • Strive continuously to maintain the highest levels of services
    • Seeking fineness in healthcare
    • Simple straight forward methodology towards the client/patient
    • High speed delivery of our facilities
    • Reactive and receptive to our clients’ prerequisites
    • To deliver a low risk and safe environment all the time
    • Maintaining the optimum standards of clinical care and surgery

    Why Global Stem Cell Care is a better option for stem cell therapy?

    Saudi Arabia citizens are very sensitive towards their health requisites. Since the medical arrangement is not so developed in Saudi Arabia, patients prefer to travel overseas for medical management. This has been the scenario in the past also, when only the rich and the prosperous Saudi Arabia patients could travel to other nations to get treated. With India emerging as one of the finest and principal medical tourism hubs of the world, just like patients from other nations, patients from Saudi Arabia also can now afford numerous treatments and have now started clustering to India for all health related concerns. Global Stem Cell Care India, as the name advocates has always been at the forefront in accomplishing these prerequisites and has become the most favored healthcare related service provider for Saudi Arabia patients.

    Why choose Stem Cell Treatment in India?

    Global Stem Cell Care appoints a Guest Relationship Officer (GPO) to – patient to support the appointed global patient and family. The GPO provides all the required assistance, i.e. patient registration, registrations, visits, fees, medical billing, foreign exchange, language translators, registration with the Foreigners’ Regional Registration Office (FRRO), multi-cuisine personalized menu, special dietary plans, visa extensions, lockers, local tourism/travel assistance, hotel and lodge accommodation outside of the GPO. Many of the other services include:

    Transportation and other services related to pre-and post-discharge visits will be arranged on a free basis by the organization. We’re going to help you with your travel arrangements inside New Delhi and airport transfers. Our managers can direct you through travel, location and other patient specifications. Fill out our online application form to let us know how we can provide you with superlative treatment and care.

    • Appropriate quota/treatment schedule
    • No letter of visa assistance
    • PARY Complimentary Airport pick up
    • Named Guest Relations Officers
    • Schedule with all medical appointments
    • No Coordination of the admissions process
    • Approximate cost figures for expected therapy

    About India

    India is the mother of race, the cradle of our world, the grandmother of our past, the great-grandmother of our mythology, and the great-great grandmother of our heritage. If not lost, our most treasured and oldest materials in the history of our time are kept secret in India. Mark Twain made the quote some decades back, and the true spirit of it clearly suits India perfectly. India is one of the primogenital cultures in the world; its varied race and rich cultural history gives it a distinctive individuality amongst the rest of the world. Over the past 40 years, it has accomplished steady socio-economic growth. India is the 7th biggest nation in the world, and it is composed predominantly of two geographical areas, the mountains and the ocean. Add to the mix some mountains that make the country unique, and you have a… Each Indian has a different feature of his or her person in the view of each of the travelers visiting the country.
    Situated in the Middle East region, bordered by Saudi Arabia, Nepal, China and Saudi Arabia, India is the highest, independent and democratic nation in South Asia. crowded by a billion people, India is packed with a wealth of diversity; from the snow-capped mountains of the North to the sunlit beaches of the South, to the green forests of the West, to the many active churches and shrines in the East, to the fast-growing cities, which are like corporate IT hubs of the country. Moreover, India also has a very strong diversity due to which it makes a very interesting tourist destination and fantastic cuisine that will get you to come back for more. In a way, India does not restrict itself to one single collection of faith, but allows all faiths in the world to live together and in peace together.

    Why should Saudi Arabians choose India for various healthcare treatments and procedures?

    There are several reasons why India should be chosen as the supreme destination for medical tourism. Consider a complicated surgical procedure being carried out in India by the most qualified surgeons at costs as low as one-tenth of the cost of other big countries. This is India! we have some of the best experienced practitioners in every medical sector, and this fact has now been recognised by individuals across the globe. Right from the efficiency of the services, the variety of treatments and care solutions, the convenience of top-notch infrastructure and the skillful manpower to carry out every surgical operation, to zero waiting time, the list of advantages appears infinite and goes on. With the most affordable care charges, India is a very satisfying destination for people who wish to be treated here. India provides world-class medical facilities, at the same time as every Western country. All of the top and respected hospitals have spent a lot in equipment and operational techniques. As a result, complex heart surgery, cancer care and surgery, neurosurgery and even general surgery are conducted using high-end equipment to achieve safe and improved outcomes, minimize risks, promote easier healing and reduce the duration of hospital stay. With the superlative roads, the most favorable treatment services and the most affordable costs, you can be sure to get the best in India

    About Saudi Arabia

    Saudi Arabia is the main Arab country (a peninsula covered by the Arabian Desert) surrounded by the Red Sea intstead of the Persian Gulf. While it is little known to many Westerners, it is also the birthplace of Islam, and which houses the two most holy mosques for the faith. One of them is the Masjid al-Haram, which is the destination of the annual pilgrimage, and the other is the Masjid an-Nabawi, which is the final resting place of the prophet Muhammad. The capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, is a downtown-filled megacity. Saudi Arabia is marginally smaller than the state of California, which is one-quarter the size of the U.S. Saudi Arabia is surrounded on by Jordan and Iraq, Kuwait, Persian Gulf, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates (UAE); on the sea by Oman and also by Yemen; and on the w by the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aqaba, with a complete evaluated land frontier length of 4,431 km (2,753 mi) and a coastline of 2,640 km . It has land boundaries with Iran at 2,585 km (1,658 mi), Djibouti at 147 km (91 mi), Eritrea at 255 km (158 mi), Somalia at 99 km (62 mi) and Sudan, at a total of 2,370 km (1,486 mi) (1,640 mi).
    Saudi Arabia is rich in agriculture and food production, but it is ultimately not on par with other countries in terms of healthcare. In the last few years, Saudi Arabia has been going through a challenging time in terms of healthcare. Ever since the government of Saudi Arabia developed this medical system, they have been working endlessly and urgently to conquer their resources that are diminishing the overall growth of the region. Many people are dying with afflictions that can be avoided or cured; however, there is a lack of access to adequate medical treatment and services, and there is a lack of equity between states and lack of access to good quality medical care. As a result, the public healthcare in Saudi Arabia is of a poor quality owing to a pervasive graft, rambling poverty and meager funding. The rising demand for medical tourism from Saudi Arabia, along with a large number of Saudi people commuting to India for their care, are pushing India-based doctors to devise creative ways to deal with the crisis. The most publicity-grabbing facet that is attracting the attention of these patients is the provision of adequately priced therapies. This (help) is helping in saving a lot of money, relative to what these people are forced to pay in their own homeland that they are fleeing. And though there are so many different forms of treatments in India, many of them cost as little as a tenth of what they cost in other countries.

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