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    Global Stem Cell Care India has pursued the patient safety declaration and has supported all the associated hospitals. Patient safety declarations.

    • Patient fall
    • Ulcer of Pressure
    • Stick wounds of needle
    • Errors in pharmacy

    Hospital Acquired Infection

    All hospitals are supported by the establishment of a National Network on Patient Security to share the best practices in patient safety. The “Never Events” listed at the National Quality Forum shall be tried by every hospital.


    For the following patient safety indicators, each hospital shall accumulate rates:

    • The person designated for patient safety must be included in each hospital.
    • Each hospital shall have a medical, nursing, engineering, housekeeping, pharmacy and infection control committee with representatives that shall meet every quarter. The hospital shall be hospitalized.
    • The patient safety topics are to be trained by every hospital.
    • The patients must be taught in each hospital about patient safety issues.
    • A policy and applied system shall apply to report aggressive events within the organization in each hospital.

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