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    Patient and Attendant Rights

    As a patient or attendant, you have the right to:
    Request for the medical history to be copied as per the protocols.

    • Be treated in a healthy and clean environment, regardless of your age, size, ethnicity, origin, sexuality, sexual orientation or illness, with dignity, compassion, compassion and poise.
    • To be called by your proper name and to know the names of the physicians, nurses and other members of the healthcare crew engaged in your care.
    • Total protection of your privacy, reputation and discretion in diagnosis, inspection and treatment discussions.
    • A straightforward and comprehensible explanation of the diagnosis from your doctor, as well as the advantages and drawbacks of each procedure, the predicted results and the improvement in medical status.
    • Be safe from physical exploitation and incompetence.
    • Get information on the estimated cost of care and reimbursement plans from the doctor.

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