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    Global Stem Cell Care India has successfully treated patients and provides healthcare services to those in need of stem cell infusion and therapy. This is an informative page for our health seekers and patients from Malaysia to India covering all the facets of travelling to India for admirable stem cell care.


    Global Stem Cell Care India, a renowned stem cell therapy centre in India, is well known for its wide variety of sophisticated stem cell therapies. This stem cell therapy facility in India provides a customised health care package for each particular customer. It has benefited numerous customers, who are searching for healthcare facilities of the premium level, by providing healthcare services of the premium quality at affordable prices. This page is targeted towards our Malaysian friends looking for stem cell therapy in India, and includes important information about travelling to India for healthcare issues.
    Global Stem Cell Care India is the leading stem cell research service provider of India, appealing to global patient care and guaranteeing most beneficial assistance to those pursuing stem cell therapies and operations. Besides this, treatments and programmes are customised to meet the needs and expressed in compliance with international norms. We have close relations with leading academic institutions, hospitals, and medical universities that specialise in regenerative medicine and deliver quality medical treatments at fair prices. At Global Stem Cell Treatment (GSCC), India-based stem cell therapy is conducted by highly trained and experienced doctors and surgeons. Our hospital has technologies that builds upon the effectiveness of stem cell therapy.

    Phase of stem cell therapy comes to India

    Let us understand the protocol for successful and cost-effective care coming to India. The protocol continues by submitting a query and a personal history to a patient by e-mail or by talking to a health manager about a medical condition by phone. Our senior surgeons / doctors review the records and their cases accurately and provide the patient with a detailed medical opinion such that the patient can consider the next steps and prepare them. As a mandatory protocol, no less than three experts with unprejudiced medical advice evaluate and review all studies. The patient will then fly to India in advance. We also help our Malaysian patients secure a medical visa authorisation, and we also arrange all conditions relevant to logistics and transport. For a clearer explanation of the whole method, see the Step by Step Guide.

    Treatment following surgery

    Patients should not suffer from adverse effects from stem cell treatment. In general, after a few hours after the conclusion of stem cell therapy patients are allowed to leave. Any requests following their discharge are provided by a 24-hour patient hotline number. The doctors or surgeons participating in the clinic still remain in regular contact via telephone or email with their respective patients. Through doing so, you will get the exact input on your success and, if necessary, even recommend further assessment. For eg, in the event of a diabetic sufferer, the concerned doctor may prescribe the proper dose of insulin after hearing about the current symptoms of the patient.

    • Straightforward – simple booking procedure
    • Low cost – a fraction of the cost of what it is in UK or even Malaysia
    • Low risk – world’s highest standards of clinical care, safety and surgical approaches
    • Lowest infection rates – Less than 0.5 percent
    • Quick and effective service – instantaneous treatment with much lower waiting periods
    • Full patient support service – 24/7 service
    • No doctors’ recommendation vital
    • Specialist consultations – scans, clinical investigations and consultations at short notice
    • Strive continuously to maintain the highest levels of services
    • Seeking fineness in healthcare
    • Simple straight forward methodology towards the client/patient
    • High speed delivery of our facilities
    • Reactive and receptive to our clients’ prerequisites
    • To deliver a low risk and safe environment all the time
    • Maintaining the optimum standards of clinical care and surgery

    Malaysian people continue to achieve the best level of health possible.

    Since there is no medical system in Malaysia, citizens tend to go overseas for medical management. It has been the case in the past where only the privileged and the wealthier Malaysians were able to go abroad and get their medical needs handled. With India emerging as one of the finest and principal medical tourism hubs of the world, much like patients from other nations, patients from Malaysia also can now afford various treatments and have now begun clustering to India for all health related issues. Stem Cell Treatment India has always been at the forefront of accomplishing these criteria and has been the most preferred healthcare provider by Malaysian patients.

    Some of the reasons to choose Global Stem Cell Care India

    Global Stem Cell Care India employs Guest Relations Officers to support all patients with global travel problems and family needs. The government provides all the assistance required in the form of patient registration, registrations, appointments, fees, medical billing, foreign exchange, language translators, registration with the Foreigners’ Regional Registration Office (FRRO), multi-cuisine catering, visa extensions, locker service, local tourism/ travel assistance, hotel and lodge accommodation outside the hospital. Any other services include: Laundromat.
    The business shall provide transport and other amenities for pre- and post-discharge visits on a complimentary basis. We’ll assist you with travel arrangements and airport transfers in New Delhi. Our management can guide you with the travel, location and conditions of other patients. Please complete our application form online to let us know how to assist you with superlative care and treatment.

    • Complimentary airport pick up
    • Committed guest relation officers
    • Scheduling of all medical appointments
    • Synchronization of the admissions process
    • Cost estimates for projected treatment
    • Quote/treatment plan
    • Visa assistance letter

    About India.

    India is the cradle of human voice, the mother of history, the grandma of mythology and the great grandma of tradition. Our most important and most enlightening belongings and properties are secured in India alone. Mark Twain made this statement many decades back, and India was the example he cited. India is home to many distinct cultures dating back to ancient times, and has great cultural heritage. It also brought socio-economic prosperity to all layers of society. As India stands apart from the rest of Asia, the land is formed by mountains and the sea which give the country of India a distinct geographical beauty. India has various facets that are of concern to each of its tourists.
    Situated in the South Asian region, India is the largest and most populous independent, democratic republic in South Asia. Teeming with a billion plus folks, India will flabbergast you with its diversity; be it the snow draped peaks of the north, the sunlit beaches down south, to dense forests, striking temples, vivacious festivals and to cities that have become the IT hubs of the country. Furthermore, India is a fascinating tourist attraction with a delectable cuisine that will make individuals want to return for more. India is a multicultural nation where many diverse faiths exist at the same time in sync, and are able to prosper.

    Why do Malaysians pick India for treatments like laparoscopic surgery and cosmetic surgery?

    India provides an infinite array of reasons why it should be chosen as the medical tourism destination of choice. Imagine that such a complicated surgical operation could be performed by professional surgeons at practically no expense in an outside world. That is India. India has the best experienced practitioners in each and every medical sector, and these qualified individuals are now generally recognised globally. Right from consistency of services, variety of treatments and care options, convenience of top-notch technology and skillful manpower to carry out any surgical operation, to zero waiting time, the list of advantages seems infinite and goes on. With the fewest health-care costs in the country, India is a very worthwhile place to go for healthcare. India has world-class medical care, all equally as nice as other developing countries. Both top hospitals and other leading healthcare institutions have invested extensively in technologies and surgical techniques. Therefore, complicated cardiac procedures, cancer cure and surgeries, neurosurgical treatments and even general surgeries are conducted using modern tools for secure outcomes, faster healing and shorter hospital stays. With the highest facilities and the most affordable costs, you can be assured that you are having the finest medical treatment in India.

    About Malaysia

    The country of Malaysia is composed of the Malay Peninsula, and the island of Borneo. It is renowned for its breathtaking natural scenery, large range of habitats, and diverse fusion of Malay, Chinese, Indian and European cultures. Kuala Lumpur, the capital, is centre of pioneer systems with modern shopping districts such as Bukit Bintang and high-rise buildings like the Petronas Towers. To understand Malaysia is to understand Malaysia – a multi-racial society where Malays, Indians, Chinese and numerous other ethnic groups coexist peacefully. Malaysia has been a gastronomical paradise and host to many Christmas-like celebrations. It is inexorably valid that we love socialising and celebrating. Malaysians are very courteous, wet, and cool.
    Despite the numerous healthcare successes, Malaysia has not done too well in the broad scope of healthcare. In the last few years, Malaysia’s health system has suffered tremendously from an unprecedented health care crisis. Malaysia’s economy has been slowed by the shortage of proper medical services, thereby slowing the country’s growth. People are dying from diseases that may be avoided, but they have limited access to high quality medical services and hospitals, and unsatisfactory access to resources across the world. Thus, public healthcare in Malaysia is poor in quality because corruption is endemic, poverty is pervasive and the services are insufficient. The rise of the medical tourism industry can be attributed to its steady growth, and the number of patients from Malaysia travelling to India for treatment. The most publicity catching factor that is attractive to these customers is that treatments are comparatively cheap. This will allow these people to save a lot of money, because they will get the medication at a cheap price. In India, typical treatment costs are as low as 10% of what treatment cost in the US or UK.

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