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    We are well aware of the importance of your friends and family and know very well that they are an important part of the healing process.
    Where critical medical equipment and patient monitoring systems are in operation, the use of mobile phones is prohibited. All the posted signage on the use of mobile phones should be read and followed only in licensed areas. Please talk in a soft manner if you have to use your mobile phone in approved places, so that other patients do not get interrupted.

    • For the convenience of all our patients, during visiting hours, we urge you to restrict your guests.
    • Please note that visitors may be restricted according to the medical condition and/or special conditions of a patient.
    • You will be provided with passes for attendants and visitors at the time of admission. Ask the attendant and visitors to wear/show these passes when they are on the grounds of the hospital. If the pass is missing, you can contact the Concierge Desk at the main entrance of the hospital
    • On patient floors, visits by children under the age of 12 are not allowed. This is to protect children from contracting any illness.
    • Sanitize hands before and after the patients' appointment.

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