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    Global Stem Cell Care in India has a success story, showing various successful treatments and delivering high-quality healthcare services to patients from across the globe searching for cost-effective and high-quality stem cell therapy in India. This is an insightful website for our health-seeking friends and patients from Congo, addressing all aspects of commuting from Congo to India for admirable medical care when it comes to stem cell therapy.


    Global Stem Cell Care India, a legendary place for stem cell therapy in India, provides a wide variety of stem cell solutions for the treatment of different forms of medical conditions. This stem cell therapy center in India focuses on providing healthy health through stem cell therapy in Delhi on an individual basis. Patients across the world have been successfully helped by providing premium quality healthcare options to patients searching for higher quality stem cell medical facilities at affordable prices. This page caters to our Congolese friends searching for stem cell care in India and has all the information on aspects related to travel to India on health issues.
    Global Stem Cell Care India is India’s leading provider of stem cell therapy, offering global medical care and providing the most favorable assistance to people needing all kinds of stem cell treatment and surgery available in India. Not only this, medication packages and programs are planned and updated to address the needs of patients and to conform with global guidelines. We provide connections with a number of leading hospitals, academic institutions and medical colleges specializing in regenerative medicine to deliver cost-effective healthcare. At Global Stem Cell Treatment, stem cell therapy in India is conducted by highly trained and qualified physicians and surgeons in India. Our hospital has new facilities that improve the success rate of stem cell therapy in India.

    Process flow of coming to India for stem cell therapy

    Let us understand the protocol for successful and cost-effective medical care in India. It continues with an e-mail or a telephone call with a care manager who delivers a query and medical history to the patient. Our senior surgeons/physicians review the records and the case correctly and receive a detailed medical opinion that is transported to the patient in order to clarify and prepare the next steps in this regard. Both reports are reviewed and forwarded for unprejudiced, inclusive medical advice by no fewer than three experts as mandatory procedure. The patient will then visit India on pre-confirmed dates. We also assist our Congo patients for the issuance of medical visas as well as we have all requirements relating to logistics and transport. For a summary of the entire process, please read the Step by Step Document.

    Treatment following surgery

    Patients should not suffer any damaging impact from stem cell therapy. In most cases, a few hours after finishing the procedure with stem cells, the patients are allowed to leave. For any questions after the discharge procedure, a 24-hour patient hotline number is open. The physicians or surgeons participating with this clinic often remain in contact via telephone or email with their respective patients. By so doing, they can gain right input on their successes and even provide extra feedback if necessary. In the case of a diabetic patient, say for example, the patient might prescribe the appropriate dose of insulin after hearing about the current symptoms of the patient.

    • Low risk – highest health care protection and surgical procedures norms worldwide.
    • Quick and reliable operation – instant care with lower waiting times
    • Full service and medical care – 24/7.
    • No vital recommendations of physicians
    • Consultations with specialized specialists – scans, scientific testing and short-term consultations.
    • Attempts to uphold the best quality of facilities continuously;
    • The consumer / patient clear straightforward approach.
    • To maintain an atmosphere of low risk and protection.
    • Achieving optimal clinical and operating standards

    Why is Global Stem Cell Care in India, a great choice for stem cell therapy?

    Congolese people are very receptive to their health criteria. Since the medical arrangement is not so established in Congo, patients tend to travel abroad for medical care. This has also been the case in the past, where only the wealthy and prosperous Congolese could fly to other nations to be handled. With India emerging as one of the world’s finest and most important medical tourism centres, like patients from other countries, Congolese patients are now able to afford a variety of treatments and have now begun clustering in India for all health-related issues. Global Stem Cell Treatment India, as the name advocates, has always been at the forefront of meeting these criteria and has been the most preferred provider of healthcare services for Congolese patients.Easy and straightforward reservations process.

    Some of the reasons to choose Global Stem Cell Care India

    Global Stem Cell Care India appoints a Guest Relation Officer (GPO) to every patient for helping the assigned global patient and families. The GPO offers all the essential help required i.e. hospital registration, admissions, appointments, payments, medical billing, foreign exchange, language translators, registration with the Foreigners’ Regional Registration Office (FRRO), multi-cuisine tailored menu, special dietary arrangements, visa extensions, locker facility, local tourism/ travel assistance, hotel and lodge accommodation outside the hospital. Some more facilities include:
    Transportation and other amenities related to pre and post discharge visits will be arranged on a complimentary basis by the firm. We will help you with your travel plans within New Delhi and airport transfers. Our executives will guide you with transportation, location and other patients’ prerequisites. Fill in our online application form and let us know how we can help you with the superlative treatment and care.

    • Quote/treatment plan
    • Visa assistance letter
    • Complimentary airport pick up
    • Committed guest relation officers
    • Scheduling of all medical appointments
    • Synchronization of the admissions process
    • Cost estimates for projected treatment

    About India

    India is the place where society was created. Our most precious sources for the development of humanity are housed in India alone. Mark Twain represented many decades ago what India is like. India is considered to be one of the first tribal nations in the world. LUCC has advanced social and economic growth for years. Indias geographical location makes it stand out from Asia, separated from other countries by mountains and by the ocean. India has different approach for each traveller who visit their country.
    India, situated in south Asia, is the largest Asian nation and it is an independent, democratic republic. India provides a wide variety of impressions to the visitor due to its varied people and landscapes. The diversity of India will establish a large attraction for tourists. India is a secular country which offers hospitality to people from all religious backgrounds.

    About Congo

    Officially recognised as the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), it is situated in Central Africa. The nation has a 25-mile coastline on the Atlantic Ocean, but otherwise it is sealed. It’s the second biggest nation on the globe. The capital, Kinshasa, is situated about 320 miles from the mouth of the Congo River. As the largest city in Central Africa, it acts as the nation’s official political, economic and cultural centre. Congo is limited to the north by the Central African Republic and South Sudan; to the east by Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania; to the southeast by Zambia; and to the southwest by Angola. In the west, there is the short Atlantic coast of the country, the Angolan exclave of Cabinda and the Congo (Brazzaville). The primary topographical characteristics of the nation are the giant river basin, the main valley, the high plateau, the three mountain ranges and the low coastal plain. The bulk of the nation is covered by the central Congo Basin, a vast rolling plain with an average height of around 1,700 feet (520 metres) above sea level.
    Maximum of the Congo lies within the inland coastal, or equatorial, climate zone of five degrees north and south of the Equator. Southern Congo and far north have much drier sub-equatorial conditions. These climatic conditions make the land comparatively favourable to plant and animal life. In addition, Congo is abundant in natural resources. It is proud to own huge deposits of commercial diamonds, cobalt and copper; one of the biggest forest reserves in Africa; and around half of the continent’s hydroelectric capacity. In Congo, more than 200 languages are spoken. The contact mechanism between the crowds was supported by four national languages: Swahili, Tshiluba (Kiluba), Lingala and Kongo. The official language is French, which is the language of teaching, industry, administration and global communication. Congo has also developed its capabilities in the field of sports.
    But amid all this, the Congo has not done a wonderful job in the healthcare field. Congo has been in the middle of a global health problem for the last two years. The Government of the Congo has been frantic in its attempts to resolve the shortage of medical services that are ruining the nation’s overall growth. Folks are dying from preventable diseases, but there is insufficient access to high quality medical care and amenities and a lack of allocation of capital across the country. Thus, public health in Congo is typically of poor quality due to pervasive graft, long-winded poverty and scarce resources. Credit goes to the fast-paced development of the medical tourism industry; an impressive number of Congolese patients have moved to India as their care destination. The most striking feature that catches the interest of these patients is the potential to receive fairly priced services. This is making these patients save a lot of money, equal to what they have to do in their own homeland. Most treatments in India cost as little as one-tenth of what they cost in other big countries like the United States or the United Kingdom.

    Why Congolese patients should prefer India for different care alternatives?

    There are so many great reasons why India should be chosen as a top medical tourism destination. A talented surgeon at a lower price as opposed to other nations. India. India boasts a number of qualified practitioners in diverse medical fields. This has now been accepted by individuals across the globe. First, the choosing of top-notch services in each location is achieved to offer comfort to patients. India is a reasonable destination for those people who desire to be handled here. India has world-class medical treatment, similar to Western medical systems. Both top hospitals have poured tremendous money into new scientific equipment and techniques. With the use of state-of-the-art instruments and techniques, operations like cancer, cardiac surgeries, neurosurgeries and even general surgery can be safely done and also are fruitful. Here, you can be sure to get the finest medical care in India as the infrastructure is superlative and accessible.

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