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    4 years old Bobby from Canada, who had been suffering with Autism Spectrum Disorder, had undergone stem cell therapy in 2016 . He attained some dramatic results and his condition improved.

    In January 2020, Andrew was diagnosed with Ataxia. He came to India in March 2020 for his stem cell treatment with Global Stem Cell Care. After the treatment, now, he is able to walk around self-reliantly without the need of assistance.

    Rosemary has been suffering from Ataxia for a lengthy time; her daughter and husband were keenly eyeing for a health centre to help improve her condition which was deteriorating. They finally found a solution when they
    discovered Global Stem Cell Care. they are glad to receive the treatment from here.

    Triana underwent stem cell treatment and has experienced improvements ever since. She was diagnosed with ataxia at the age of 42. She decided to contact the doctors in GSCC in India. They guided me well once I visited India for the treatment. I am free of this disease now.

    Following this comprehensive treatment package with Global Stem Cell Care, Juana saw quite a lot of substantial improvements in her condition as she suffered from Ataxia from 2016. She had more controlled balance, less exhaustion and was able to walk quicker than before she began the stem cell treatment for ataxia with GSCC.

    Naina undergoes stem cell treatment for Ataxia and would like to recommend it to everyone with similar conditions. She underwent stem cell therapy with Global Stem Cell Care and is very happy and contended with the results she got.

    The stem cell anti-ageing process at GSCC was easy; the staff of the hospital was very helpful and pleasant. The place is impeccable for relaxation. Thank you for all your efforts GSCC!

    After the treatment of stem cell therapy for anti-aging, Mr. Peterson gained oodles of energy and has a high spirit progressively. The shiver of his hands has been much released and it is easier for him to go to sleep and the sleep quality has also improved.

    I am Carla Hook and my age is 59 years old. I like to unstintingly thank the team of StemCellCareIndia to give me my young-looking appearances back with their innovative approaches of stem cell therapy

    I am 69 years old women from USA and I came to the Global Stem Cell Care for stem cell therapy for anti-aging. After the treatment, I got rid of my sleep problems, back ache issues, migraine and other age related problems that I was struggling from a very long time.

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