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    I want to express my appreciation towards the specialists at StemCellCareIndia for relieving me of my arthritis problems and making my life full of happiness again. Thanks a lot GSCC.

    Mr. Paul and his wife both are really pleased
    with the GSCC’s professionalism. They came
    to India for stem cell treatment of retinopathy
    and after the treatment with GSCC; they
    were very satisffed with the results.

    After undergoing stem cell procedure with the assistance of GSCC’s team, in which stem cells were extracted from bone marrow in her hip were injected into a different region in each eye, she progressively recuperated some of her sight which was lost because of retinopathy.

    Kenza was blind in the eye she had been treated for. A month after the stem cell therapy with GSCC, her vision had improved by 10 lines and she could do her fashion designing work again. She could use her
    computer or read a book comfortably

    Retinopathy caused Smith’s vision to deteriorate over quite some years to the point where he had to resign from his dream job of a fashion designer. He came to India for stem cell treatment with GSCC and was very pleased
    with the treatment results.

    Jimmy had retinopathy issue from past 3 years. After undergoing stem cell treatment with GSCC in India, the vision of Jimmy improved after transplantation of the cells. Overall, his improved by about three lines on
    the standard visual acuity chart.

    After being diagnosed with osteoarthritis, Patrick decided to go through stem cell treatment at GSCC. The stem cell procedure was like a cakewalk to him as equated to a knee the replacement.

    Jenny was suffering from osteoarthritis in both of her knees for the last 7 years. She had tried various traditional treatment options to try to reduce the pain. Then, she underwent stem cell therapy with GSCC in India and experienced drastic improvement in her condition.

    Mark was able to walk again just 10 weeks after treatment, and has now returned to his active lifestyle. He underwent stem cell therapy for osteoarthritis with GSCC in 2018. He is very appreciative of the staff of GSCC.

    Andrew was told that he would need a knee replacement after suffering from years of pain and inflammation because of knee arthritis. However, Andrew was then recommended an alternative therapy i.e. stem cell therapy. He was quite satisfied with the results after the treatment with GSCC.

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