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    At the age of 56, my mother, Mrs. Halter, stumbled upon the problem of Type 1 diabetes. We consulted the team of specialists at StemCellCareIndia and with their treatment, my mother is fit and fine now

    When Salma suffered a stroke, her life was severely changed and she had a tough time with everyday activities. After the stem cell treatment in India with GSCC, the patient has now recouped her limb power, has shown a substantial improvement in speech and is also safe from the hazard of strokes.

    When Nicole and her husband decided that old-style therapy wasn’t doing enough to help her in her retrieval from a stroke, they found GSCC. Since being accepted and admitted, she has received stem cell treatments and has experienced magniffcent outcomes

    Paul suffered from weakness on the right side of his body and also experienced trouble in talking while he was coming back from office. A brain MRI scan displayed that he had an ischemic stroke because of decreased blood supply to the brain. He then underwent stem cell therapy in India with GSCC and experienced a lot of improvement in his condition.

    After a couple of surgeries and traditional treatment sessions following a stroke, Peterson and his wife decided to They to India for stroke stem cell treatment. The team of GSCC had arranged to book appointments with the best stem cell therapy doctors in India. He is very thankful for the support GSCC offered.

    3 months back, I experienced a stroke on my head and I fell cataleptic on ground. After that epileptic seizure followed. I was brought back to life with the continuous and expert efforts of the experts at StemCellCareIndia
    with stem cell therapy.

    Tracey suffered sports injury while playing badminton in 2016. She came to India and underwent stem cell therapy. Her condition has improved now and she is very thankful to the team of GSCC.

    India, I have no pain; I feel really healthy and now I work out 3 times per week and I am in better shape than I have been in years after my sports injury episode.

    Amanda discusses her improvements following stem cell therapy for sports injury via GSCC. Her injuries are completely gone. Her left leg used to drag and now she can pick it up and walk.

    My diffculties began about 4 years ago when I met with an injury while playing basketball. My joints hurt a lot and I was able to walk only with the backing of a walking stick. After stem cell treatment with GSCC, I am able to live a pain-free life now.

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