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    Medical technologies are with you all the time


    Cutting-edge stem cell therapies involve many intricate steps that contribute to a successful treatment. Each step is crucial in the process, and Global Stem Cell Care ensures professional excellence at every point.

    Regenerative medicine is a rapidly growing field, and the most commonly used type of stem cell in treatments is mesenchymal stem cell (MSC). It is used to treat many diseases such as Parkinson’s, Stroke, Crohn’s disease, Hair Regrowth, etc.

    Stem cell treatments are minimally invasive procedures and mainly involve three types of stem cell administration: IV (intravenously), Intrathecal (directly into the spinal cord), and site injections (specific areas such as hands, knee, hips, arms, etc.).

    Medical Technologies – With the Patient at Every Phase of the Treatment


    Modern medical technologies can help patients live a healthy life in various ways:

    Medical tests and scans can spot diseases at an early stage through their symptoms, enabling effective treatment.

    A doctor can conduct a proper diagnosis using electronic health records, patient engagement tools, medical imaging information systems, etc.

    Modern methods such as digital health results, smart devices, and health apps help you keep tabs on your health.

    Stem cell treatments mainly involve bone marrow transplants and minimally invasive procedures on affected areas.

    Conducting routine blood tests and health monitoring assists in tracking the patient’s healing progress.

    Medical devices

    Various types of medical equipment are used to provide comprehensive treatment to patients with a particular focus on

    • Disease prevention
    • Monitoring
    • Treatment and care

    Diagnostics Tools

    Contemporary diagnostic tools are of great assistance in healthcare applications.

    • Proper detection
    • Treatment recommendations
    • Detailed reports

    Digital Health Solutions

    Patients can now leverage digital solutions to speed up the treatment process and keep themselves updated with their progress.

    • Online reports
    • Video consultations
    • Health management tools and software

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