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Autism refers to a broad range of conditions characterized by challenges with repetitive behaviours, social skills, speech, and nonverbal communication. Autism affects information processing in the brain by altering how nerve cells and their synapses connect and organize. Several studies were published supporting stem cell therapy for autism in India. Still, there are several things to consider when contemplating treatment using any of the acknowledged stem cell sources.

Symptoms of Autism

The symptoms of autism vary greatly depending on the type of autism. One may experience mild anxiety or avoid eye contact, while another may have difficulty communicating. A doctor can only diagnose autism. But apart from that, we’ve listed some common signs of this condition so that parents and caretakers know what to look for.

  • Communication and social symptoms
  1. Eye contact and nonverbal communication
  2. Pragmatic language
  3. Tone of voice
  • Behavioural symptoms
  1. Repetitive behaviours
  2. Self-injury
  3. Ritualistic behaviours

Autism symptoms in children may be recognized as early as 18 months. More recently, adults have been diagnosed with autism, likely due to increased awareness and screening during medical appointments. 

Few Causes of Autism

As of now, there is no known specific cause of autism spectrum disorder. However, it is commonly accepted that abnormalities in brain function or structure cause it. Scanning the brain can show differences in the shape and form of the brain with autism. Other research on autism says that a combination of genetic and environmental factors can cause it too.

With the guidance of stem cell therapy experts in Delhi who can determine the condition, we’ve stated some causes of autism:

  • Having an Autistic maternal history
  • Numerous Genetic Mutations
  • X-linked Fragile syndrome and other genetic disorders
  • Being born to older parents or those with multiple births
  • Low weight at birth
  • Several Metabolic Imbalances
  • Getting Exposed to environmental toxins or heavy metals
  • Maternal History of viral infections

Various research studies suggested that genetic and environmental factors may increase the chances that a person will meet the category for autism.

There are many myths about what causes autism. Over the years, scientists have debunked many of these myths. The claim that MMR vaccines or childhood neglect are responsible for autism is not based on medical science.

Stem Cell Treatment for Autism in India

According to many research papers, stem cell therapy has been reasonably beneficial in curing autism. Stem cell treatment has remarkable positive outcomes for numerous disorders and diseases. Stem cell therapy for autism has been advantageous for several patients. The stem cells are found in matured body organs and are the most potent in the bone marrow. The stem cells are processed in the sterile laboratory and then injected into the damaged area. These stem cells help to restore the diseased cells into a new healthy ones. This type of treatment is getting progressively more appreciation from doctors and patients worldwide.

Possible Improvements After Stem Cell Therapy

After the accomplishment of stem cell therapy, patients have shown tremendous improvements in numerous aspects, such as behavioural, cognitive, sensory, and motor doings. Behavioural patterns that were earlier noticeable in kids with autism, such as hyperactivity, hypersensitivity, repetitive movements, etc., lessened significantly after the therapy was efficaciously accomplished. Parents of the kids on the spectrum have also reported improvements in attention duration and concentration, eye contact, and peer-to-peer communications.


Stem cell therapy for autism in Delhi aids in the improvement of motor coordination, communication disorders, and various other issues associated with the condition. However, speech therapy, social engagement, and other treatments are additional motivations and accelerate the children’s learning process. Parents should remember that stem cell therapy will not be a substitute for counselling and other treatments, which should be maintained to get the best outcomes.

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