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    Global Stem Cell Care India has been successful in treating patients globally and providing clinical services to patients pursuing cost-effective and quality stem cell therapies in India. This is an insightful page for our friends and patients from Afghanistan who search for health covering all the facets of travel from Afghanistan to India in order to get admirable care for the treatment of stem cells.


    As a legendary stem cell therapy hospital in India, Global Stem Cell Care in India provides a wide variety of stem cell solutions for the treatment of different forms of health problems. This stem cell therapy center in India concentrates on individualistically providing healthy health. Cosmo Cell has supported healthcare services around the world by using the stem cell products that it has created. This page provides our Afghan friends with knowledge about stem cell treatment in India and reflects on the facets of health care moving to India.
    Global Stem Cell Care in India is India’s leading provider of stem cell therapy, catering for global patient care and providing the most beneficial care for individuals in need of any form of stem cell treatment and procedure possible in India. Often, procedures are tailored uniquely for each condition according to international guidelines. LUCC research scientists have partnered with a variety of respected hospitals and research institutions to deliver quality health care. At Global Stem Cell Care, stem cell therapy is performed in India by professionally qualified physicians and surgeons. Our hospital is fitted with advanced treatment systems that improve the success rate of stem cell therapy in India.

    Phase flow from stem cell therapy to India

    Let us understand the way to come to India for efficient and cost-effective medical care. The process continues with the patient submitting his/her question and medical records via e-mail or talking to a health manager about the medical problem by telephone. These findings and the case are carefully reviewed for a detailed medical opinion from our senior surgeon/physician, which is then submitted to the patient so that the patient can appreciate and prepare the next steps in light of this. As a mandatory procedure, no less than three physicians research and review all findings of unprejudiced inclusive medical opinions. The patient will then fly to India on pre-confirmed dates. We also support our patients in securing medical visas from Afghanistan and we also arrange all technical and transport requirements. The Step by Step Guide for a clearer comprehension of the whole process offers more information.

    Postoperative procedure

    Stem cell treatment in no way effects patients deleteriously. Patients are typically permitted to leave within a few hours of completion of the stem cell therapy. For all questions after their discharge, a 24-hour patient hotline number is open. The doctors or surgeons involved in the clinic often keep in regular contact via telephone or e-mail with their respective patients. In so doing, they can get honest reviews on their success and also get more feedback if necessary. For example, after hearing about current symptoms, the patient may prescribe the appropriate dose of insulin in the case of a diabetic patient.

    • Straightforward – simple booking procedure
    • Low cost – a fraction of the cost of what it is in UK or even USA
    • Low risk – world’s highest standards of clinical care, safety and surgical approaches
    • Lowest infection rates – Less than 0.5 percent
    • Quick and effective service – instantaneous treatment with much lower waiting periods
    • Full patient support service – 24/7 service
    • No doctors’ recommendation vital
    • Specialist consultations – scans, clinical investigations and consultations at short notice
    • Strive continuously to maintain the highest levels of services
    • Seeking fineness in healthcare
    • Simple straight forward methodology towards the client/patient
    • High speed delivery of our facilities
    • Reactive and receptive to our clients’ prerequisites
    • To deliver a low risk and safe environment all the time
    • Maintaining the optimum standards of clinical care and surgery

    Why is Global Stem Cell Care a safer choice for stem cell therapy in India?

    The people of Afghanistan are very receptive to their health needs. Since the medical arrangement in Afghanistan is not so modern, patients tend to go abroad for medical care. This was also the case in the past, where only the affluent and powerful Afghanistan could fly to other countries to be handled. With India emerging as one of the world’s finest and most important medical tourism centres, as do patients from other countries, the Afghan patients now also have the potential to get many services and have begun to cluster into India for any health issue. Global Stem Cell Care India, which has always played a leadership role in meeting these criteria and is now the most preferred provider of health care related services for patients in Afghanistan.

    Some of the reasons to choose Global Stem Cell Care India

    Global Stem Cell Care in India appoints a Guest Relations Officer (GPO) to support each patient and their families worldwide. The GPO provides all required assistance such as hospital entrance, hospital identification, registrations, visits, medical fees, foreign exchange, language translations, registration with the Provincial Registration Office for Foreigners (FRRO), special food arrangements, visa extensions, locker room, local tourist / travel assistance, hotel and accommodation outs. Such external services include:
    Pre and post discharge accommodation and facilities can be arranged on a free basis by the company. We will assist you with the preparation of your trip and its related facilities. Our managers can help you with the travel, location and other patient requirements. Please complete our online application form and let us know how we can assist with superlative care and treatment.

    • The proposal for quotas/treatments
    • The letter of assistance to Visa
    • A pick up complimentary airport
    • Dedicated officers in guest affairs
    • Dedication of all hospital appointments
    • synchronization of the process of acceptance
    • Costs figures for the care envisaged

    About Afghanistan

    The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is an officially perceived landlocked nation in South Asia and Central Asia. It is the 42nd largest nation on the planet with over 35 million inhabitants. Afghanistan is rounded in south and east by Pakistan, in western Iran, in northern Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, and in far-east China. Its area extends to 652,000 square kilometres. (252,000 sq.mts), making it the world’s 41st largest region. The most impressive position of the world is Noshaq, at 7,492 m above sea level. It has a terrain climate of reminiscent winters in the central great nations of the Upper Eastern Glaciation zone (around Nuristan), and in the Wakhan Corridor which is below 15 °C (5 °F) at a common temperature in January, with swelling summers on the Sistan Basin in south-western districts, the Jalalabad Bowl in the east and Turkestan on the Amu River in the north.
    More than 99% of the Afghan masses are Muslim. It is a unitary Islamic presidential republic with Islam as the official state religion. He is a member of the United Nations, the Islamic Cooperation Organisation, the 77-member Group, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and the non-aligned Movement. Afghanistan is typically a natural society with its own unique subculture and a distinct locality. Pashto and Dari are Afghanistan’s official lingos, but bilingualism is also very typical. The tiny common languages that melt Uzbek, Turkmeni, Balochi, Pashayi and Nuristani are distinct. Different Afghans are similarly familiar with Urdu, English and other lingos outside. Cultivation is the creation of the Afghan economy. The land is known for producing some of the finest grenades, oranges, apricots, melons and a few other fresh and dry natural goods. It is commonly considered the world’s biggest opium producer. Similarly, the normal resources of the nation include: charcoal, iron, mineral pinch, lithium, plutonium, unparalleled earth metals, chromite, gold, zinc, powder, barites, sulfur, plum, marble, considerable and half-profitable stones, fuel gas, and crude, amid numerous elements. In comparison, Afghanistan’s gaming communities logically praise titles at worldwide events from late on.
    In any event, Afghanistan is not doing too well in the therapeutic administration region considering these assets. As the Human Development Index reveals, Afghanistan is the world’s fifteenth least developed region. Almost 60 percent of the masses would walk for a prosperity center for not less than two hours. The legislature in Afghanistan has worked earnestly to resolve this crisis of stability and the scarcity of therapeutic services in the light of how these components decime the country’s general transition. Citizens are faced with appalling distresses that are preventable because they must have access to excellent quality helpful care and civilisations and because of the country’s insufficient diffusion of benefits. In spite of the massive destruction, wild suffering and the coerced resource, open human administrations in Afghanistan are typically of poor nature. Credit goes to the steady and quick growth in the medical tourism industry; a huge number of Afghan patients are now treating India as a target. The most charming feature of these patients is the provision of well-established drugs. This lets these patients save a large sum of money, which they have to invest differently in their own country. Bigger sections of Indian solutions cost about one tenth what they cost in other relevant nations like the USA or the UK.

    About India

    India is the base of the human race, the cradle of human discourse, the mother of history, the grandmother of mythology and the grandmother of tradition. Our most revered and enlightening materials in human history are only respected in India. A few decades back, Mark Twain said that, and India still fits the term. India is one of the world’s primordial cultures and proudly houses a rich diversity and cultural heritage. Over the years, it has achieved all-round socio-economic prosperity. As the world’s 7th largest population, India is separated from Asia, stitched in mountains and the sea, which offer the country its distinct geographical excellence. India has a different feature to volunteer with each traveler who visits the country.
    India is the largest, autonomous, democratic republic of South Asia in South Asia, bordered by Pakistan, Nepal, China and Afghanistan. With its thousands of inhabitants, India has a richness that will flabberg you; be it the snow-covered peaks of the north, the illuminated sandy southern coasts, the dense forests and majestic temples, vibrant festivals and the cities that have become the nation’s IT hubs. Furthermore, India is a fascinating tourism destination and delicious cuisine thanks to its powerful variety, which will definitively allow individuals return for more. Spiritually, India is a secular country where many faiths were born and work together.

    Why do Afghans prefer India for a variety of treatments and procedures?

    There are innumerable reasons why India should be the ultimate destination for medical tourism. Imagine a complicated surgical procedure by the most experienced surgeons and at costs as low as 1/10 of what other big countries pay in India. That’s India! India! India has some of the best seasoned practitioners in every medical sector and individuals around the globe have now realized that. From quality hospitals to variety of treatments and care services, accessibility of state-of-the-art infrastructure and skillful workers to every patient process to zero waiting period, the benefits list seems infinite and endless. India is a very lucrative destination for individuals who wish to be treated here with the most favorable care charges. India provides world-class medical facilities, equal to any Western nation. Both the leading and renowned hospitals spent a lot in technologies and operational equipment. Complex cardiac procedures, cancer cures and surgeries, neurosurgeries and even general operations are managed with high-end technologies for healthy and improved outcomes, for the reduction of accidents and for easier regeneration and decrease of hospital duration. The superlative roads, the most favorable hospital services and the most affordable rates guarantee you the best in India.

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